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Beeby & Beeby: Thrive in Ecology and Evolution

Answers to questions in the book

Click the chapter links below to open a PDF showing the answers for each chapter:

  • Chapter 1 (PDF, Size: 75KB)
    • Fundamentals of ecology
  • Chapter 2 (PDF, Size: 59KB)
    • Evolution by natural selection
  • Chapter 3 (PDF, Size: 25KB)
    • The evolving population
  • Chapter 4 (PDF, Size: 59KB)
    • The ecology of the species
  • Chapter 5 (PDF, Size: 63KB)
    • Interactions between species
  • Chapter 6 (PDF, Size: 61KB)
    • The ecology of the community
  • Chapter 7 (PDF, Size: 68KB)
    • The ecology of the ecosystem
  • Chapter 8 (PDF, Size: 64KB)
    • The ecology of the earth