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Wolpert, Tickle & Martinez Arias: Principles of Development 5e

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    • Author videos

      Co-authors Alfonso Martinez Arias and Cheryll discuss development in the model organism Drosophila and of the vertebrate limb.

    • Flashcard glossaries

      Flashcards to help you test your recall of key terminology

    • Multiple choice questions

      Self-test questions, with feedback linked to the book

    • Answer guidance

      Guidance on the long-answer questions found at the end of each chapter

    • Web links and web activities

      Links to useful web sites and associated activities to get to grips with the material

    • Movies from real research

      Showing key developmental processes occurring in real embryos to help you visualize developmental biology in three dimensions

    • Signalling pathway animations

      Animations of key signalling pathways break down these complex processes into stages, making them easier to understand and remember

    • Online extracts

      Further material on the development of ascidians, in addition to extra topics such as kidney organogenesis and reaction-diffusion mechanisms

    • In silico practicals

      To give you the opportunity to examine and interpret raw data

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