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Taylor & Drickamer: Introduction to Glycobiology 3e

Hyperlinked references

The key references for each chapter in the book are provided below with hyperlinks to the online article, where available. Please note that some of the sites you will be directed to may require a username and password to access the full text online article.

Please note: there are no references for chapter 14.

  • Chapter 01

    Concepts of glycobiology

  • Chapter 02

    N-Linked glycosylation

  • Chapter 03

    O-Linked glycosylation

  • Chapter 04

    Glycolipids and membrane protein glycosylation

  • Chapter 05

    Enzymology and cell biology of glycosylation

  • Chapter 06

    Glycomics and analysis of glycan structures

  • Chapter 07

    Conformations of oligosaccharides

  • Chapter 08

    Effects of glycosylation on protein structure and function

  • Chapter 09

    Carbohydrate recognition in cell adhesion and signalling

  • Chapter 10

    Glycoprotein trafficking in cells and organisms

  • Chapter 11

    Glycobiology of plants, bacteria, and viruses

  • Chapter 12

    Glycobiology and development

  • Chapter 13

    Glycosylation and disease