Fell initial OUP has produced a range of newsletters and magazines to keep both staff and interested parties informed on life at the Press. The first of these was The Periodical, a formal newsletter issued between 1896-1979, sent free to subscribers to notify them about recent Press publications and events. Some years later, The Clarendonian was set up, a more informal staff magazine for employees at the print-shop, issued from 1919-1983. The London office published a similar magazine, The Lantern, from 1928-1955. More recently, from 1956-2005, an in-house newsletter called The Record updated staff on a range of Press stories and proceedings. Click on the links below to see some extracts from these publications.

The Periodical

Vol.1, no.12, featuring an article on the Paris Exhibition, July 1900

The Clarendonian

Vol.1, no.5, commenting on the death of the Secretary Charles Cannan, January 1920

The Lantern

Vol.12, no.3, issued during the early years of World War II, October 1939

The Record

First issue of The Record, 1956