Fell initial OUP began life as the print shop of Oxford University. First centralised in the Sheldonian Theatre in 1669, it later moved to the Clarendon Building, and finally to OUP’s current premises at Great Clarendon Street. The print shop became one of the leading printing establishments in the country, with its own type-foundry and paper mill, and employed around 900 staff at the height of production. It continued to print OUP books until 1989 when it closed due to market conditions, with printing contracted out around the world. Click on the links below to explore some of the records produced during the operation of the print shop.

Printing Accounts

First few pages from the Sheldonian Theatre printing accounts for 1690-1708
First few pages from the Clarendon Building printing accounts for 1747-1780

Overseer's Accounts

Extract from Warehouse Overseer’s Accounts recording stock of printed ‘signatures’, 1791-1862

Thomas Combe's Stock Valuations

Excerpts from Combe’s Stock Valuation, December 1845
Excerpts from Combe’s Stock Valuation, December 1854