Fell initial OXFORD University Press has featured in many newspapers, magazines, and journals throughout its history. Whether looking at the making of a book, the story of the Press, or the life of a publishing house, the work of OUP has always fascinated readers. Click the links below to browse a selection of articles about Oxford University Press.

The Story of OUP

‘An Academic Printing House’ by Amyas Clifford, The Sunday Magazine (August 1899)
‘The Leading Publishers. No.15-The Oxford University Press’ Public Opinion (May 1904)

Book Production

‘The Oxford University Press Books’, Bookselling (December 1894)

Bible Production

‘Presentation Bibles: Some Notable and Historic Volumes’ by F.M.Holmes, Quiver Magazine (February 1903)
‘About Oxford Bibles: Interview with Henry Frowde’, The Christian (November 1908)