Fell initial OUP set up its first office outside the United Kingdom in 1896, at premises in Fifth Avenue, New York. Since then, the growth of OUP’s international presence, in part through its local schoolbook and English language teaching publishing, has led to its outstanding world-wide reputation. The Press has now established branches and offices in over fifty countries to further Oxford’s work around the world. The main OUP Archive does not hold an extensive collection of branch material, as branch records are generally held by the individual branches. However, it does have some UK material related to the branches, and also copies of local branch information. Click on the links below to see a selection of these items.

Procedural Papers

Staff list for several OUP branches, 1973
Memo of International Division publications, 1995


Correspondence from the Secretary’s Letter Books concerning the India branch, 1927, 1936, 1958
Three Crowns, the staff magazine of the East Asian branch, August 1967


Programme for a Silver Jubilee celebration for OUP Hong Kong, 1986
Invitation to a retirement party for Raymond Brammah, Malaysia 1990