HE records begin in 1668 with the first Delegates' Order Book (below right) and continue to the present day.

Major categories are as follows:

  • Delegates' Order Books: ledgers covering printing details of OUP publications, 1668 onwards
  • Finance Committee Minutes, c. 1900 onwards
  • Account Books/Day Books for printing, c. 1800 onwards
  • Letters of the Secretary to the Delegates, c. 1869 onwards
  • Letters of the Publisher to the University, in London, c. 1880-1978
  • Records of the Oxford English Dictionary, c. 1850 onwards
  • Editorial files on OUP titles, c. 1890 onwards
  • Bible production records, including files on New English Bible, c. 1800 onwards
  • Records of print shop administration, c.1800-1989
  • Music Department records, 1923 onwards
  • Printed examples of the Oxford Almanacks, 1676 onwards
  • OUP catalogues, c. 1900 onwards
  • Records of OUP social groups, including the fire brigade, c. 1890-1980
  • Staff magazines for Oxford and London offices, c. 1890-1980