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What's Inside

Oxford Biblical Studies Online is designed to provide scholars, librarians, and students at all levels with a full range of authoritative content and tools for the study of the Bible and biblical history. This cross-searchable resource brings together the text, commentary and annotations from the famous Oxford Study Bibles, essential corollary content and biblical reference works, stunning images, up-to-date color maps and a great deal more. Already substantial, this expanding resource combines the acclaimed Oxford tools and functionality with ready online access to some of the most respected texts and scholarship in the field.

For more information on Oxford Biblical Studies Online, please visit About.

Bible Texts and Commentary

Oxford Biblical Studies Online offers an engaging study environment for all major traditions in the field of biblical studies. The Bible texts and commentary content include the following titles:   

New Oxford Annotated Bible, Augmented Third Edition [NRSV]
Oxford Study Bible [REB]
Jewish Study Bible [TANAKH]
Catholic Study Bible, Second Edition [NAB]
Access Bible [NRSV]
The Bible: Authorized King James Version with Apocrypha [KJV]
Apocryphal Old Testament
Apocryphal New Testament
Oxford Bible Commentary
Concise Concordance to New Revised Standard Version
New American Bible Concise Concordance

The six Oxford Bibles, running scholarly annotations, and the Oxford Bible Commentary work within a side-by-side area that makes it easy to view or compare Bible texts and commentaries and examine verse references on the fly. A Bible Verse Lookup Tool provides fast access to the OUP Study Bibles and the classic text of the King James Bible, while both standard Bible and corollary Bible content can be quick-searched, including major source texts from the Apocryphal New Testament and Apocryphal Old Testament collections. The Study Bibles, side-by-side display option, concordances for two major Bibles (New American Bible and the New Revised Standard Version), and the rich functionality create a new and engaging resource for users who are familiar with or new to these respected works.

See Bible Sources for details on Bibles and adjunct Bible texts in Oxford Biblical Studies Online.

A-Z Entries and Reference Content

Containing nearly 6,000 articles drawn from the renowned Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Oxford Companion to the Bible, and more, with key entries from the ongoing Oxford Encyclopedias of the Bible being added to the site before print publication, the reference content in Oxford Biblical Studies Online complements and provides insights into the Bible texts as it covers the span of the biblical world from Abraham to Zion with hit-links from verse references as well as selected links to further reading within the site. The reference content includes the following titles:

How to Read the Bible
The Oxford Companion to the Bible
The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies
The Oxford History of the Biblical World
The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible
Oxford Bible Atlas, Fourth Edition
The Oxford Dictionary of the Bible
Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East
Oxford Encyclopedias of the Bible
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Books of the Bible
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Archaeology
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Ethics
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Arts
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Law
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Gender Studies
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Theology
Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt

Providing in-depth scholarly discussions; glossary definitions; brief, introductory articles on people, places, events and themes in the Bible; and valuable geographic and visual aids, Oxford Biblical Studies Online is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in the study of the Bible and biblical history.

See Reference Sources for details on A-Z encyclopedias and chaptered reference works.

Images and Maps

Over 1,000 searchable images and maps enhance the articles within Oxford Biblical Studies Online, with an ongoing program designed to expand coverage. Geographic resources include full-color maps from the Oxford Bible Atlas and clear and substantial black and white maps from The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East. A variety of useful color and black and white images from The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible and other titles provide visual perspectives on the text of the Bible and the biblical world. Visit Browse Images & Maps to explore some of the visual resources.


Two timelines—the Biblical World and Biblical Rulers—connect key events and include links to pertinent reference entries and other content.

Tools and Resources

Students, educators, divines, and general readers will benefit from this growing section, which includes lesson plans, thematic guides to topics in biblical studies, informative tables, charts, links to Internet resources approved and recommended by the site's Editorial Board, quick references to weights and measures and calendars used in the biblical world, an online version of the lectionary from the Catholic Study Bible, and suggested reading lists for further research.

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