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Our response to the invasion of Ukraine

Our response to the invasion of Ukraine

30 March 2022

This page will be regularly updated. Last updated: 30 March

We stand behind the response of our parent institution, the University of Oxford, to the invasion of Ukraine:

The unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia is causing a humanitarian catastrophe to unfold in Europe. Members of our community are appalled by Russia’s action and in awe of the bravery shown by Ukrainians as well as the bravery of those Russians who have denounced their government’s aggression.

We, like many other organizations, are continuing to monitor the situation closely, and are following the lead of government bodies around the world on how businesses should respond, as well as guidance from the University of Oxford.

We are also taking steps to support our colleagues in Ukraine as far as possible. We closed our office in Russia some time ago and we have no employees there.

Impact on our operations

At the current time, we have decided to suspend new sales transactions in Russia and Belarus. Except where institutions or individuals are subject to international sanctions, access to content under current contracts will not be withdrawn. Authors from Russia and Belarus can also continue to submit their work to the Press and its journals.

Support for people in Ukraine and displaced by the invasion

In line with our mission, we recognize the power of education and research in helping to disseminate knowledge and to transform people's lives, and we are committed to enabling individuals to access our valuable resources, wherever they may be based.

Academic and research resources

Working with Research 4 Life (R4L), we have made access to OUP's full journals collection and all online books included in OUP’s Developing Countries programme freely available to institutions and non-profit organizations in Ukraine.
Research 4 Life provides institutions in low-and middle-income countries with online access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content. They currently have 70 institutions registered in Ukraine, and are well placed to rapidly deploy access to our content alongside content from other academic publishers. Access will remain free for the rest of 2022.
Educational resources

We have a suite of resources available for young learners through Oxford Owl, including expert advice, educational resources and a free ebook library.
For parents and carers talking to their children about large scale global events, you may find our free ebook, Everybody Worries, helpful.

English Language Teaching

We are working with countries receiving Ukrainian students into their education systems to ensure access to English Language learning and teaching materials.

We are providing free access to the Oxford Readers Collections on Oxford Learner’s Bookshelf to Ukrainian students who are in or outside Ukraine. To access these collections, teachers, parents or carers can contact their local Oxford University Press office.
The Oxford Graded Readers collections provide students with 194 fiction and non-fiction Graded Readers and activity books from a wide range of genres. They include books suitable for young learners, teenagers and adults at different stages of English: Pre-A1 to B2. All the books include audio, many have activities and some include video. The books can be read online or downloaded onto Windows/Linux/Mac computers, Android phones and tablets, and iPads.

More information about our support for English language teaching and learning resources is available here.

Please get in touch with your OUP contact if you have a request for further support.
We will continue to explore ways to support teachers, learners, and researchers both in Ukraine and those displaced by the invasion and will update this page accordingly.