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Work in Publishing Week

Work in Publishing Week

18 November 2019

18 -24 November is Work in Publishing Week—a UK campaign from The Publishers Association designed to ‘inspire young people aged 14-24 to pursue a career in publishing’.

To celebrate this, we asked some of our employees to share what drives them to work in this industry:

‘I work in publishing because I am passionate about spreading the word about important research to as many people as possible.’
Charlotte Crouch, Marketing Executive, UK

‘I work in publishing because I see a genuine need for cultural gatekeepers who promote provocative, timely, and fact-based scholarship.’
Drew Anderla, Assistant Editor, USA

‘I work in publishing because no two days at work are the same, and it’s a real people-focused industry (every piece of world-class research has a sizeable team behind it). I’m also not sure I’d find lovelier colleagues elsewhere!’
Grace Ranola, Publisher, UK

‘I work in publishing because books are key to life and in academic publishing because empirical research is essential for a healthy society.’
Niko Pfund, President, OUP USA

‘I work in publishing because it allows me to actively engage in the world of ideas and help authors to create and hone their work to enable their ideas to be read, appreciated, and enjoyed by the wider world.’
Susan Ferber, Executive Editor, USA

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