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Making the most of our talent

Making the most of our talent

21 August 2020

While the environment in which OUP is operating continues to change because of COVID-19, the talent and commitment of our people continues to be something we are really proud of at OUP. As we adapted to new ways of working, some job roles had to adapt in response which led us to introduce a redeployment programme and temporarily reassign some employees to assist different teams within OUP.

This gave us a unique opportunity to make the most of our skilled employees and provide them with an opportunity to broaden their skills and knowledge of our organization.

Here, OUP employees share their experiences of redeployment, and how it has supported their career development.

Victoria Montgomery, Marketing Executive at Epigeum
Victoria was partially redeployed to our Group Communications team for one day a week. She has been able to add her marketing expertise to our brand team, while using the new skills she acquired to help develop Epigeum’s communications activities.

‘So far, my redeployment has been a fantastic experience and a great learning curve. I feel very fortunate to be redeployed to an area that I have a great personal interest in, and hope to move into further down the line in my career. The two roles perfectly complement each other, and the redeployment has without a doubt helped to further develop my time management and multi-tasking skills. I feel very lucky to love both of the roles that I’m working in at OUP, and to be gaining so much experience – I can definitely say that I’ve learnt something significantly new when we come out of the Covid-19 lockdown!’

Cassie Jane Buckley, Diversity & Inclusion Executive, Group HR
Cassie supported the external work of our Group Communications team for a few weeks, while the Diversity & Inclusion team reshaped their activities in response to the pandemic. Having previously worked with communications, Cassie was easily able to transition to a familiar role and could bring valuable perspectives from her role in HR to support OUP’s external communications activities, particularly around social media.

‘I’ve always looked for an opportunity to professionalise my knowledge of social media, which is why I was thrilled to hear I’d be working on our company Instagram, showcasing our diverse workforce and how we’ve all adapted to the new ways of working.’

Sam Chick, Data Analyst, Supply Chain
Sam was redeployed from our Supply Chain team to the Information Security and Data Privacy team (ISDP).

‘It was good experience getting to know another department and sampling what they do. My task was to complete a log of different security policies, which has improved my understanding of why data security measures are in place and has highlighted how I should conduct myself in my normal role with regards to technology and data.’

Pamela Baker, Project Manager, English Language Teaching Division
Pamela joined OUP as maternity cover within our English Language Teaching (ELT) Division. She was redeployed to the Education Central Management team, and her temporary contract has since been extended so she can continue to support the team.

‘My redeployment has been a great opportunity to develop my transferable skills, confirm my ability to adapt to any future changes, whilst allowing me to support productivity for OUP. I am currently working on an innovative forward-thinking project, with some amazingly talented people. This opportunity has provided me with career mobility and the experience has been exhilarating, challenging and rewarding on a professional level.’

Laura Armitt, ELT Consultant
Laura was redeployed from the ELT Division, where she worked as a consultant to our Education Services team within the Education Division.

‘My redeployment to the Education Services team was highly rewarding as I was tasked with the project coordination of a prestigious global assessment. Working within a small yet growing team, I was given the opportunity to employ project management skills and gain new insights into significant areas of the business such as legal, market research and publishing operations. Although a brief redeployment, I gained much insight and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.’


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