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Meet our people: Michael Dela Cruz

Meet our people: Michael Dela Cruz

12 July 2019

Michael first joined OUP 11 years ago before leaving to get an MSt in Medieval English Literature at Oxford University. He then returned to OUP in 2013, and went on to work in various editorial roles in our Academic and English Language Teaching (ELT) divisions. He is currently an Ethics and Compliance Advisor based in our New York office.

Can you tell us about the career path you went on to work in Ethics and Compliance here at OUP?

My first job was in ELT as an Editorial Assistant and my experience in that role continues to shape my view of the Press globally. I worked on the first edition of Everybody Up and fourth edition of Let’s Go—projects that started here in New York but went on to reach millions of students around the world. More recently, I was our Office Coordinator, and was responsible for managing the preparations for our internal audit. It was an enjoyable experience and allowed me to segue into my current role.

In between these stints in ELT, I also worked in Academic in Reference at a time when we were transitioning Oxford Handbooks from a print to a digital-first programme. Reference was the hub for Handbooks, and I got to collaborate with colleagues across the division. It was the most challenging role I’ve had at OUP and excellent training for other opportunities that would come afterwards!

Is there any advice that you would you give to newcomers to OUP?

Get to know your colleagues—there are 6,000 of us! The people here are so nice, exceptionally smart, and often have surprising backstories. You never know where and when someone will turn up later in your career or life.

Tell us something interesting about yourself

In college, I performed with a group that sang music from the African diaspora. We were approached to record the opening menu music for a big computer game franchise, Civilization IV. Years later, a rerecorded version of that song went on to win a Grammy Award. You can hear it as part of the performance repertoire at the Dubai Fountain. High school choirs sing it regularly, and there are videos on YouTube. There’s even an entry for the composer in Grove Music, which is published by OUP.