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Meet our people: Gloria Yip

Meet our people: Gloria Yip

11 November 2020

Gloria is a Systems Analyst at our New York office, and during the pandemic has been redeployed to our Insight Team.

Due to the pandemic, you have been redeployed to work with a different team—can you tell us about this?

I have been redeployed to the Insight Team to support our Digital Acceleration Projects, which aim to grow our digital capacity and help OUP remain competitive and flexible despite the uncertainty of the pandemic. I support the team by wrangling together data from different parts of the business, then cleaning it up and organizing it in more useful ways such as interactive dashboards. My work helps us better visualize and analyze our data so we can make more informed, data-driven decisions despite the rapid speed at which we are working.

What is your usual role at OUP, outside of the pandemic?

Before my redeployment, I was a Senior Systems Analyst in our Reference Editorial department. There, I managed and provided training for systems that were specific to our unique digital publishing needs, rolling out new processes and troubleshooting whenever needed. As part of that, I also focused on simplifying workflows and automating tasks with the resources we had. For example, I built processes to bulk import data to our databases that now save hundreds of hours of work per year.

What is it like to be redeployed and work with new people?

I am very interested in learning more about other areas of the business, and everyone was so kind in welcoming me to the team. It is reassuring to hear from others that this program is new to them too. To be honest, it was initially a bit intimidating to be redeployed into an unfamiliar team of such talented people, especially considering how uncertain everything felt at the beginning of the pandemic. But as time went on, it no longer felt like we were individuals, but a team with a wealth of experiences, different perspectives, and skillsets. I feel so honored to be a part of it.

Has being redeployed had any benefits?

Despite the isolation the pandemic has brought, being pulled in to support these projects has made me feel like I am doing something productive. It’s been a real pleasure connecting with new people I otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with. Learning and development is also important to me, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more about other areas of the business, explore Google Analytics and some of our other data sources, and pick up new systems like Tableau. Despite the challenge of teaching myself new functionality it was incredibly fun figuring things out, and being able to play with larger sets of data has helped me gain a better understanding of its nuances.

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