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Exploring learning beyond tomorrow

Exploring learning beyond tomorrow

27 October 2021

On Thursday, 4 November, OUP will host the Forum for Educators—a new, annual event to give educators from around the world an opportunity to connect and share ideas. The event comprises three plenary sessions, taking place across different timezones. And, to make sure attendees can access and benefit from each session, they will be recorded and made available for one month after the event.

The theme for the inaugural Forum is ‘Learning Beyond Tomorrow’—a topic that is particularly relevant as the worlds of education and research consider what the future will look like in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to online learning.

The three sessions are as follows:

Re-imagining Education: Tomorrow’s EdTech: exploring how we can harness the power of edtech to deliver better outcomes for learners.

Bridging the Digital Divide: how can we make education fairer and more accessible tomorrow? The pandemic has increased the digital divide, and a generation of students risk being left behind. This session will explore how we can work together to address the divide and improve access to quality education for all.

Building Digital Literacy: exploring the skills that are needed to learn, teach, and thrive today.


Guest speakers at the event include, among others, Wayne Houlden, Founder of Janison; Dr Fiona Aubrey-Smith, an award-winning former teacher; Paul Driver, Director of Simulated Learning at Anglia Ruskin University; Nicky Hockley, Director of Pedagogy of TCE; and more.


The Bridging the Digital Divide panel discussion will bring together Zarina Subhan, an experienced teacher educator; Professor Sugata Mitra, renowned children’s education thinker; Dr Josie Barnard, digital literacy researcher; and Arshad Hussain, Oxford University Press Pakistan’s Managing Director.


Speaking about the event, Nigel Portwood, CEO of Oxford University Press said: ‘It is a pivotal moment for education and research right now. So many of us working in these areas are grappling with how we can build on everything we have learned during the pandemic to enhance teaching and learning in the future—while also making sure we don’t forget those who are at risk of being left behind. We have a responsibility to work with our communities to shape the future of education and research for the better. That’s why we’re so excited to launch the Forum for Educators, so we can inspire innovation and drive positive change in education and research, and benefit millions of learners worldwide.’

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