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Meet our people: Arthur Baker

Meet our people: Arthur Baker

02 September 2019

Arthur is Managing Director of OUP Australia and New Zealand (OUP ANZ).

What does your typical day at OUP look like?

I have a routine that sets up my working day—I’m up and about early, which I make good for my brain by listening to podcasts (such as Harvard Business Review or Ted Talks) that help me engage with different ideas, consider new perspectives, and occasionally find inspiration. This is my ‘bringing the outside in’ time to learn and reflect. On the train I plan my day, prepare meeting notes and agenda items, and read the emails that fill my inbox while I’m sleeping. That’s where the routine ends—arriving at the office, I strap myself in for the new day ahead.

What elements of your work do you enjoy most?

The thing I love about my job is that every day is so different and the people that work for OUP are so intelligent, thoughtful, committed, and dedicated to our mission. Every day we’re planning a new product to address an educator or learner challenge, seeking a better outcome, meeting with customers to better understand how we can improve service, looking at initiatives to help us deliver our goals more efficiently, learning about new ideas or gathering insights from the market, and collaborating with colleagues from other areas and other parts of the world.

What would you say is your leadership style?

The Senior Management Team at OUP ANZ has a clear focus on trust, transparency, and accountability. These three areas are key to helping us maintain a collaborative and open culture. We regularly conduct ‘Brown Bag Lunches’—where staff bring their lunch and come along to ask questions, and talk about what’s on their mind—to create a forum for discussion and debate.

With so much to achieve and to look forward to, we want to focus on spending time on the things that really matter—supporting our people, looking after our customers, and delivering our results.