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OUP Annual Report published today

OUP Annual Report published today

19 July 2012

Increased investment in digital publishing and a growth in educational and academic services were just two of the key themes outlined in the Annual Report of Oxford University Press (OUP), released today.

OUP increased its range of educational and academic publishing in print and digital formats last year. Its total annual sales increased by 10% to £695m, and sales in emerging markets rose by 16% in the same period.


As a department of the University of Oxford, OUP creates high-quality resources and makes them as widely available as possible in pursuit of the University’s objectives. Key ways in which it achieved this last year included:


-          Academic and educational services development: new platforms such as University Press Scholarship Online, which allows other university presses to publish monograph content using an acclaimed Oxford platform; and an increased range of services for teachers, students, and parents. OUP’s educational services now include Achieve Languages, a new package for schools in Brazil incorporating classroom management tools, professional development for staff, and other services.


-          Growth in research publishing: an increase in scholarly journal publishing, with 21 new titles joining the Oxford Journals list. OUP now publishes more than 270 journals, 110 of which offer an open access publishing model


-          Rising demand for licencing: OUP’s dictionaries are increasingly in demand from third parties including major technology companies, and are now embedded in most major e-book readers—helping to increase the digital dissemination of Oxford’s acclaimed lexicographical content


Continued investment and an increased focus on digital publishing also contributed to success, with digital publishing sales increasing by 20% last year. Digital now accounts for 17% of OUP’s total, and 45% of academic sales.


Investments over the last year focused on scholarly journal publishing, online academic products, new business models for online dictionaries, English language teaching (ELT) development in emerging markets, and increasing levels of educational publishing in the UK, Spain, Australia, and South Africa.


Digital-specific developments included launching 5,000 new titles as e-books as well as a range of online platforms and mobile apps. Most of OUP’s educational titles now have a digital component, and more than half its ELT titles are published in digital format.


Nigel Portwood, Chief Executive of OUP, commented: “We faced difficult market conditions last year, but nevertheless developed some truly innovative publishing which will help support the learning and research needs of millions of people. Our on-going investment programme, focus on new technologies, and growth in emerging markets will be important in making Oxford content available in the most appropriate formats for students, teachers, and academics across the world.”


A successful sales year combined with effective cost management led to a surplus of £116m.  OUP’s financial success enables it to support a range of important educational and research activities at the University of Oxford, and this year it transferred £53 million to the wider University.


Click here to see an online version of this year’s Annual Report