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Wellbeing resources for teachers

Wellbeing resources for teachers

Teacher resources

Blog: A beginner's guide to measuring wellbeing

Adrian Bethune, outlines how your school can measure wellbeing in 10 simple steps

Blog: Reclaiming Teacher Resilience

Learn about the key elements to reclaiming your resilience during challenging times

Blog: Wellbeing is a Collective Responsibility

Explore tips for how to embed wellbeing into the culture of your school.

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Blog: Managing Change: Building positive relationship in a virtual world

Practical ideas to build relationships and keep connected when your students are learning remotely.

Blog: Is wellbeing a passing trend?

Explores research surrounding wellbeing and provides tips for embedding it into schools.

Mindfulness and mental health in children image

Blog: Mindfulness and mental health in children

Five top tips for parents to encourage mindfulness at home with their children to support positive wellbeing and mental health.

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Blog: Why wellbeing and relationships are key to learning in the classroom

Tips for developing wellbeing and relationships, by Adrian Bethune, teacher, author and Education Policy Co-Lead at the Mindfulness initiative.

TreeTops Reflect

Activity pack: Using Treetops Reflect to explore wellbeing & empathy

Treetops Reflect supports KS2 discussion around a wide variety of wellbeing topics. Enter your details to download the new activity pack.

Wellbeing Primary books for wellbeing

Blog: Books for wellbeing (Primary)

Discover a series of reading lists ideal for supporting wellbeing and resilience, as well as tackling issues such as anti-bullying.

Oxford Impact

Oxford Impact Wellbeing Study

Find out more about our evidence analysis impact study on the impact of promoting student wellbeing on student academic and non-academic outcomes.

Watch the discussion between wellbeing and education experts

Should the promotion of student wellbeing have as much emphasis in the curriculum as the teaching of maths and science?

Wellbeing toolkits to share with parents

Wellbeing expert, Adrian Bethune, has created these toolkits offering insights for parents with suggested activities. Download and share with your pupils’ parents.

Primary: wellbeing toolkit for parents

Secondary: wellbeing toolkit for parents

Free professional development webinars on wellbeing in schools

Supporting the mental wellbeing of Secondary students

This session with expert advisor, Mike Armiger, explores practical strategies for supporting Secondary students with wellbeing – using tools schools already have available.

Return to the classroom: Supporting the mental wellbeing of Primary children

Specialist adviser, Mike Armiger, offers strategies and practical guidance on what we can do to support children's wellbeing during these challenging times.

Wellbeing and relationships in the classroom with Adrian Bethune

Author and Wellbeing advisor, Adrian Bethune, explores why wellbeing is key to learning and shares tips for re-establishing relationships in the virtual and physical classroom.