Spark awe and wonder in classroom with Oxford Smart Curriculum Service

Oxford Smart Curriculum Service

The Oxford Smart Curriculum Service provides secondary schools with an evidence-based curriculum, and connects it with resources, assessment, next steps, and CPD. All components of the Curriculum Service have been developed to work smoothly together, gathering data to give you meaningful insights that will support you to plan, teach, assess, and monitor the progress of your students effectively.

As well as providing a personalised and adaptive learning pathway for your students, Oxford Smart helps to save you time – freeing you up to focus on inspiring a love of learning in your students and sparking awe and wonder in your classroom.

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When everything connects, anything is possible.

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Six pillars underpin our service


The Oxford Smart Curriculum is informed by research and creates a seamless path for students to ensure an easier and more structured transition from KS3 to KS4.

Knowledge and skills are carefully sequenced to bring meaning and to support students in developing a deep understanding of a subject.
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A comprehensive set of print and digital resources is available to support the teaching and learning of the Oxford Smart Curriculum.

The resources work seamlessly with all the Oxford Smart components, so everything connects to save you time.


Auto-marked and paper-based assessments provide data and insights so you can check and track student progress effectively.

This is the first time that curriculum and assessment have been developed in tandem, saving you valuable time by supporting responsive teaching, learning and next steps.

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Automated next steps

Automated next steps are personal to each student, based on performance in assessments, to target the content that they need to lock in or to extend their knowledge.

Students are moved on only when they are secure in their knowledge of the curriculum, with scaffolded support provided so that they feel confident and motivated to progress.

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The Oxford Smart Curriculum Service includes integrated CPD to support planning, delivery and assessment, and to help your department embed the six pillars into the curriculum.

You’ll benefit from termly live PD webinars, run by subject matter experts, as well as access to on-demand PD videos and a brand-new Research Hub on the Kerboodle digital learning platform.

Data & Insights

Enhanced reporting functionality for Oxford Smart gives you and your students access to meaningful data and insights.

You can closely monitor your students’ progress, as well as benefit from reporting that allows you to identify barriers to learning and areas where mistakes are commonly made. Students can also see how they are performing, empowering them to progress.

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They love coming into lessons. There's always a bit of a buzz around the classroom.

Brendan Gibbs, Science Teacher, St Richard Reynolds Catholic College

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