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Oxford Smart
Curriculum Service

When everything connects, anything is possible

Watch our introduction video to Oxford Smart Curriculum Service, a truly transformational serviceThe Oxford Smart Curriculum Service provides secondary schools with an evidence-based curriculum at KS3 and KS4, and connects it with resources, assessment, next steps, and CPD - powered by Oxford Smart Kerboodle.

What makes Oxford Smart different?

For the first time, curriculum is seamlessly connected with the resources, assessment, next steps and CPD needed to deliver that curriculum. This curriculum coherence means all components work smoothly together, gathering data to give you the insight you need to plan, teach, assess and monitor the progress of all your students effectively.

As well as providing a personalised and adaptive learning pathway for all your students, Oxford Smart frees up your time to inspire a love of learning in your students and to spark awe and wonder in your classroom.


Draws on the most up-to-date research and is underpinned by six pillars, which experts and practising teachers have identified as the most impactful way to ensure all students progress.


Print and digital resources to support each subject. These have been developed alongside the curriculum and the assessment framework, so all components work together seamlessly.

Assessment and Next Steps

The assessment framework provides formative and summative assessments for your students and helps to inform next steps, so your students can achieve a secure level of understanding. Next steps are powered by Oxford Smart Kerboodle.


A complete programme of professional development and research to support your teaching and understanding of the new curriculum. 

The future

Because of the flow of data and insights, Oxford Smart gathers information and assessment data to learn more about what works and what could work better in the classroom. This enables the service to evolve and get even Smarter.

Oxford Smart will be available to start with in Science, Maths and English at KS3. 

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