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Save time and enhance your history lessons with ready-to-use online learning resources

Bring history lessons to life with Kerboodle Online Learning. Discover a wide range of engaging online teaching materials to help support students through KS3, GCSE, and A Level.

Why choose Kerboodle for History?

  • Kerboodle includes a variety of history lessons, worksheets, interactive activities and a range of assessment tasks. Use the markbook to help you to track learning.
  • Kerboodle Digital Books provide access to your history textbooks whenever and wherever you are.
  • Kerboodle supports progression and assessment from age 11 to 16. Regular updates ensure you are fully supported with the latest exam advice, and you can access quizzes, exam-style questions and knowledge checks.
  • It's packed with history resources to engage and inspire your students. Explore animations, films, and interactive activities.

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