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Discover captivating KS3 literature and all the support you need for the new GCSE and A level specifications.

Supporting Learning Anywhere

Spelling, punctuation and grammar student books and workbooks

Get It Right: Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Write-in workbooks with accompanying answer books provide standalone activities and lessons that target specific topics

Tools and support for lower-ability students


Supporting lower-attaining students and those who need to catch-up, Catapult builds reading and writing skills and increases students' confidence

AQA GCSE English

Student books, revision workbooks and digital resources comprehensively cover all stages of the English Language and Literature specifications

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Free English resource packs

Supporting learning anywhere

Download our free English resource packs

We’ve put together a selection of free English resource packs, including support for KS3 and GCSE. We hope you’ll find these useful for remote teaching and learning during this period of school closures.

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Talking to children about their reading

Christopher Edge shares his tips for helping parents and children discuss what they are reading

Teaching Vocabulary Consistently

In this first part, Sarah Eggleton explains why and how her team targeted building students' vocabulary

Cognitive Grammar in the Classroom

Dr Marcello Giovanelli and Dr Chloe Harrison introduce strategies for integrating cognitive grammar into lessons