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Good things come in great value packages


Good things come in great value packages

Say hello to Kerbundles!

Kerbundles are the easiest and best value way to combine the Kerboodle courses you love. Each Kerbundle comprises multiple Kerboodle courses in one convenient subscription. We have designed Kerbundles to cater to course combinations spanning subject, series or even the whole school so you can be sure there is a Kerbundle that will suit your needs.

Series Kerbundles

Love a particular series? We offer Kerbundle subscriptions combining all the individual components of your favourite Kerboodle series within one manageable subscription. You can find Kerbundles that cover many of our most popular series from Allez to Ignite.

Subject Kerbundles

Looking for the best variety of resources for a specific subject? You can find Kerbundles that blend the best Kerboodle resources from across subjects including English, Science and Modern Foreign Languages.

Whole school Kerbundles

Need a wider range of resources spanning multiple subjects? Whole school Kerbundles provide access to Kerboodle resources from subjects including: Science, Maths, Geography, English, Modern Foreign Languages, Religious Studies, History and P.E. Whole school Kerbundles are available to cater for ages ranging from 11 to 16 or 11 to 18.

Discover which Kerbundle is right for you!

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