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GCSE 9-1 Geography OCR B Kerboodle

Comprehensive online support for the 2016 OCR GCSE Geography B specification

Part of GCSE 9-1 Geography

Kerboodle supports you and your students with skills development, homework, exam preparation, and assessment throughout the course.
  • Schemes of Work to support your delivery of the new specification
  • Your Teacher Handbook, which includes answers to all the Student Book activities
  • Online Student Book, accessible anywhere and at any time
  • Activities and support for embedding geographical terminology
  • Activities and support for developing key geographical skills
  • A comprehensive assessment package to help you track progress and help your students prepare effectively for their exams
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Series contains:

  • 1 Kerboodle: Resources and Assessment with teacher access to the Kerboodle Student Book and the Kerboodle Teacher Handbook
  • Student access to 1 Kerboodle Student Book
  • 1 Student Book

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GCSE 9-1 Geography OCR B Kerboodle