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Your Mathematics HL Course Book

In addition to all the material in your Mathematics HL course book, we've included a full set of worked solutions here, to fully equip you to tackle the course and assessment. Worked solutions for IB Mathematics Higher Level Calculus and IB Mathematics Higher Level Statistics are also available on this page.

IB Mathematics Higher Level

Calculator activities

Try out these GDC activities to build your calculator knowledge and really hone your GDC skills. If you don't have a GDC, you will need to access the TI Nspire Document Player to complete each game.

Each downloadable activity contains an activity file and an instructions document, to help get you started. And you can match each game to specific sections of your course book, to help you know when to try them out.

Permutations Inverses of functions Composition of functions
Basic limits Concavity Exponential differentiation
Radian measure Independence is the word Birthday problem
Applied fundamental theorem of calculus Integration by parts Binomial PDF - eye colour
Complex numbers

If you received our first printing of Mathematics HL (March 2012), we've made a few small tweaks since then. Download these minor revisions.

IB Mathematics HL Option Calculus

IB Mathematics HL Option Statistics