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Support for Secondary Schools

We’re here to help with curriculum planning support, and return-to-school resources and services.

Support for Secondary Schools

Explore our range of online resources and support for remote learning

Wherever you are, and however you need help, we are here for you. It is our priority to help ensure that learning is not disrupted during these times.


We're here to help

Here to help with Year 7 transition

Find transition resources for Year 7 students.

Here to help with Year 11 & 13

Support & resources for GCSE & A Level students.

Here to help with wellbeing

Discover support for wellbeing & resilience.

Oxford Owl Home support

Oxford Owl for Home: parent support

Support for parents on Secondary school transition, what to expect from KS3 subjects, GCSEs and more.

Closing the Word Gap

Resources for Closing the word gap

Ideas and resources to boost vocabulary and word confidence both in the classroom and at home.

Connecting school and home

Find resources to share with students and their parents/carers.


New Kerbundle digital packages

Introducing Kerbundles – the best value, easy way to get your Kerboodle subscriptions.

Make the most of Kerboodle & MyMaths

We have lots of supportive resources available to help you get the most out of your Kerboodle or MyMaths subscription.

Teacher insights on our blog

Explore our range of blogs from subject experts, including insights on supporting key year groups and more.

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Free home learning packs

Start exploring our free support packs Available for KS3 (11-14), GCSE (14-16) and AS/A Level (16+)

Here to help with webinars from experts

Amanda Fleck headshot

The language of science: reducing barriers to learning

Watch Amanda Fleck as she discusses the inherent complexity of the language of science and how this poses barriers for students raising the importance of teaching language and literacy skills.

Daisy Christodouolou headshot

Curriculum and pedagogy after Covid: what will be different?

Watch Daisy Christodoulou to discuss what has had to change since lockdown and what will need to change in the future, looking at a mix of remote/in person learning and the challenges/benefits that these may bring.

Ideas and Strategies for 2021 GCSE History cohort

Watch Aaron Wilkes as he discusses how the lockdown has affected the teaching and learning of GCSE History, picking up on the themes of consolidation, challenges and change.

helen prince

Ways into KS3: Transition in 2020

Placing oracy centre-stage, Helen Prince explores ways into KS3 that ensure kindness, build resilience and prepare our young people for the extra-ordinary times that lie ahead.

Mike Armiger

Supporting the Mental Wellbeing of Secondary Students

Specialist adviser Mike Armiger offers strategies and practical guidance on what we can do to support our secondary students during these challenging times.

helen prince

Energising Eloquence

Helen considers ways to energise the verbal environment with word-rich activities. Webinar 1 of 5 in this series with Helen Prince.

helen prince

Building Vocabulary, Building a Voice

This session enables teachers to introduce new vocabulary strategically through rich discussion, repetition and analysis of new words. Webinar 2 of 5 in this series with Helen Prince.

helen prince

Oral Rehearsal: Moving Speech to Writing

Helen explores ways to encourage pupils to orally rehearse phrases and sentences before writing. Webinar 3 of 5 in this series with Helen Prince.

helen prince

Planning for a Vocab-Rich Curriculum

Helen focuses on vocabulary learning as a distinct area in the KS3 and KS4 curriculum and the careful selection of appropriate words for planned teaching and reinforcement. Webinar 4 of 5 in this series with Helen Prince.

helen prince

Collaborative Approaches to Vocab-Rich Schools

Helen explores a collaborative approach to teaching GCSE command words across all subjects and in different contexts. Webinar 5 of 5 in this series with Helen Prince.