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Rights & permissions

The Children’s and Educational Rights Department looks after subsidiary rights for all of OUP's Children's and Educational titles covering our trade and schoolbooks lists

Our licensing activity includes translations, reprints, dictionary licensing, permissions and film & TV rights.

Each year the team attends the London and Bologna Book Fairs in the Spring and the Frankfurt Book Fair in the Autumn. We also visit a number of countries throughout the year and often welcome representatives from overseas publishers to our Oxford office. Please contact us if you would like to meet with us to discuss your interest in licensing.

Meet the team

Anne-Marie Hansen Head of Rights
Territories: USA, Denmark (Faroe Islands and Iceland), Audio and licensed reprints, film and TV and digital licensing.

Polly Silk Rights Manager (Educational titles including OUP ANZ titles)
Territories: USA, Ireland, Finland, Norway, China, Korea, Japan, Latin America (Spanish)

Carmen Bohne Rights Executive (Educational)
Territories: Denmark (Faroe Islands and Iceland), Eastern Europe (including Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus), France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Turkey

Regina Irwin Rights Manager (Trade and Educational)
Territories for Educational: Brazil, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, South East Asia, CAMENA
Territories for Trade: Brazil, Portugal, CAMENA, South East Asia, China, Philippines, Taiwan

Valentina Fazio Rights Manager (Trade)
Territories: Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Korea, Japan, South Africa.

Stella Giatrakou Rights Manager (Trade)
Territories: Belgium, France, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Eastern Europe(including Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus), Turkey, Latin America

Karoline Bakken Rights Assistant (Trade)

Lisa Smårs Rights Assistant (Educational and Trade)

Connie Robertson Permissions Manager
Please contact for all Children's and Educational Permissions requests

Applying for permission to use an OUP Children's or Educational Publication via this Website

Please contact Connie Robertson ( if you are applying for permission to use an extract or illustration from an Oxford University Press Children's or Educational Book. You may use the Form provided if helpful.

Please note that in some cases we are not the copyright holder of the extract or work we publish. This is particularly the case with anthologies of poems, collections of stories, and for photographs used in our books. In these cases please check the acknowledgments page (if there is one) or the credits given in the imprint/ copyright page where the relevant details will be given.

When you apply for permission, please allow at least 2 months before your publication goes to print (or you performance takes place) in case you need to apply elsewhere, and allow at least four weeks for a reply. We will endeavour to reply to you as swiftly as possible.

Please note that we cannot grant permission over the phone.

Electronic Rights

OUP has an active licensing policy across the full range of our titles and we have licensed material into a wide range of electronic platforms including amongst others CD-ROM, DVD, on-line, e-book, software development, mobile technologies and the Internet.

We have a large range of electronic titles, many of which support our literacy programmes and curriculum courses. Many of our print titles also have potential to be used in electronic format. Please contact us for catalogues and further information.