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Rights & permissions

The Children's and Educational Rights Department looks after subsidiary rights for all of OUP's Children's and Educational titles covering our trade and schoolbooks lists

Rights & permissions

The Children's and Educational Rights Department looks after subsidiary rights for all of OUP's Children's and Educational titles covering our trade and schoolbooks lists

Our licensing activity includes translations, reprints, dictionary licensing, permissions, film & TV rights and electronic licensing.

Each year the team attends the London and Bologna Book Fairs in the Spring and the Frankfurt Book Fair in the Autumn. We also visit a number of countries throughout the year and welcome representatives from overseas publishers to our Oxford office. Please contact us if you would like to meet with us to discuss your interest in licensing.

For all Right enquiries, except Permissions, please contact Madeleine Chambers (

Meet the team

Anne-Marie Hansen Head of Rights

Guiseppe Trapani Senior Business Development Manager

Polly Silk Senior Rights Manager

Regina Irwin Rights Manager

Laurelie Schrab Rights Manager

Madeleine Chambers Rights Assistant

Mark Macartney Rights Operations Administrator

Requesting permission for ED-UK titles:

Requests to use content from an Academic or ED-UK Oxford University Press book are handled by PLSclear - please submit requests here. We recommend searching by ISBN to ensure you get the most accurate search result.

Also, before submitting your request please ensure that you have checked the credit line accompanying the material, the Copyright page and/or the Acknowledgements pages. Although Oxford may have published the book from which you want to reproduce material, we may not be the copyright holder of the material you wish to use. This will especially be the case if the requested material is part of an anthology or collected work (e.g. Oxford Book of...).

Please do not send duplicate requests.

Applying for a license to perform an OUP Oxford Playscripts play

If you are considering applying for a license to perform a play from the Oxford Playscripts series, please submit requests via PLSclear. No performance may be made unless a license has been obtained and no alterations may be made on the titles or the text of the play without the author's prior written consent.

Please note that we do not manage the performance rights for all of the plays in the Oxford Playscripts series. The relevant information and contact details can be found on the imprint page of every Oxford Playscripts play. If you cannot locate this information or if you are in any doubt about who to contact regarding a performance licence, please email the OUP permissions department (

When you apply for a performance license, please allow at least 2 months before the performances are planned to take place, and allow for at least four weeks for a reply. We will endeavour to reply to you as swiftly as possible.

Please note that we cannot grant a performance licence over the phone.

Visual Impairment

We are now working in partnership with RNIB Bookshare UK Education Collection, a web-based service by the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People), to provide accessible versions of all our educational titles for the Visually Impaired.

To request a copy of any of our publications in an accessible format, please register your details at the Bookshare website ( Once an account has been created, you will be able to browse the available titles and select any that are required free of charge.

Electronic Rights

OUP has an active licensing policy across the full range of our titles and we have licensed material into a wide range of electronic platforms including amongst others CD-ROM, DVD, on-line, e-book, software development, mobile technologies and the Internet.

We have a large range of electronic titles, many of which support our literacy programmes and curriculum courses. Many of our print titles also have potential to be used in electronic format. Please contact us for catalogues and further information.

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