MyMaths support MyMaths and Flash

MyMaths was created to offer teachers bespoke content that could be used to teach creative and engaging lessons. At the time, the best way to deliver content for this purpose was in Flash.

However, as technology develops, we understand the need to move MyMaths content away from Flash in order to provide you with the best possible experience no matter which browser you use.

We have now begun work to convert MyMaths content so that it no longer requires Flash. Due to the bespoke nature and volume of this content, these changes will be ongoing throughout the summer holidays and the next academic year. Read more about the project on our news feed. More information on the updates can be found below.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve MyMaths.


Click here for a full list of content that can now be accessed without the need for Flash. The most recent update contained the following pieces of content.


  • 'Calculator methods 2' online homework task
  • 'Divide decimals by whole numbers' online homework task
  • 'Estimates and inverse operations' online homework task
  • 'Multiplying' online homework task
  • 'Percentages of amounts 3' online homework task
  • 'Reverse percentages' online homework task
  • 'Change as a percentage' online homework task
  • 'Direct and inverse proportion' online homework task
  • 'Midpoint and line length 2' online homework task
  • 'Function machines' online homework task
  • 'Sequences' online homework task
  • 'Area of a parallelogram' online homework task
  • 'Circumference of a circle' online homework task
  • 'Area of a circle' online homework task
  • 'Arcs and sectors' online homework task
  • 'Pythagoras 3D' online homework task
  • 'Similar triangles' online homework task
  • 'Volume scale factor' online homework task
  • 'Trig missing angles' online homework task
  • 'Sine rule' online homework task
  • 'Cosine rule sides' online homework task
  • 'Cosine rule angles' online homework task
  • 'Trig area of a triangle' online homework task
  • 'Nets, surface area' online homework task
  • 'Volume of cuboids' online homework task
  • 'Complex surface areas' online homework task
  • 'Dimensions of formulae' online homework task
  • 'Median, mode from freq table' online homework task
  • 'Listing outcomes' online homework task
  • 'Conditional probability 2' online homework task
  • 'Midpoints' online homework task
  • 'Conditional probability' online homework task
  • 'Combinations' online homework task

Due to the complex nature and volume of the activities on MyMaths, we will be releasing updated content gradually over the next few months. We aim to update a large portion of homework tasks by September, with further updates throughout the next academic year.

Keep an eye on our release notes (above) for the latest updates and progress on what content is available to use on the platform.

Whist we continue to release content in its new format over the next few months, we recommend that you access MyMaths using a desktop PC or a laptop to ensure you have the most streamlined user experience when moving between resources.


Over the next few months, various browsers will stop supporting Flash by default. This means that MyMaths content may be blocked by your browser.

If this happens, you simply need to click Activate Adobe Flash to access the MyMaths activity. Click Allow and Remember to ensure that you can always open the activity in this browser.

To prevent this message from appearing, you can either try another browser or adjust your browser Plugin settings in the browser tools. Please talk to your IT department for information on how to do this.

If you are using MyMaths on a tablet, you can use the site through the free Puffin Academy app to open content. The Puffin Academy app is available for download on Android.

A number of browsers are being updated over the next few months and will no longer activate Flash by default.

Mozilla Firefox no longer supports Flash by default. When using Firefox to view interactive content in MyiMaths that uses Flash, users will be prompted to activate Flash. Once permission to activate Flash is granted it will run automatically when visiting this site. You can also update your Plugin settings in the browser tools to always activate Flash.

Google ChromeTM will stop running Flash by default for all users in October 2017. As with Firefox, this means that you may be prompted to activate Flash when accessing Flash-based activities in MyiMaths. You simply need to allow access to use the content on MyiMaths. For more information on updating your settings in Chome, please see the FAQ below.

You may now need to re-enable Flash if you are using the latest version of Safari 10 (10.12 Sierra released September 20th 2016). You can find instructions on how to do this here.

From October 2017, anyone using Chrome version 55 will see a prompt when they try to access Flash based content.

If you are asked for permission to run Flash, you just need to allow Flash to run in order to use the MyMaths activities.

If you are experiencing issues when access MyMaths content in Chrome, you may need to update your browser settings.

  • Visit chrome://settings/
  • Click on the menu icon in the top left hand corner of the screen
  • Under Advanced in the menu, select Privacy and security
  • Scroll down and select Content Settings
  • Scroll down to the Flash section and select Allow sites to run Flash.

If your school would like to block Flash, You will need to add MyMaths to your exceptions list. This can be done by selecting Manage exceptions and adding to the list.

Please note that as part of the Chrome development for the promotion of HTML5 over Flash, Chrome have introduced a Site Engagement Index. This means that if you use MyMaths reguarly, Flash content will continue to work normally. If you are new to MyMaths, or have recently cleared your browsing history, you may need to adjust your browser settings to allow Flash as outlined above.

MyMaths can currently be used on Android tablet devices through the free Puffin Academy app Android.

It is our aim to make MyMaths accessible via tablets, and our work to move away from Flash based content will allow us to do this. In the meantime for the most seamless experience we recommend using MyMaths using a desktop PC or laptop.