MyiMaths support Results FAQs

Log in to the Assessment Manager and go to the Results tab. Click through to your class from the school results page to see your students' results.

You can use the Curriculum Selector and the filters to the left hand side of the screen to drill down to a particular result or results and to view your class' progress across a particular year group, level or Booster Pack. To remove the filters, click Reset.

To see all results, including work done independently by your students, scroll down the left hand menu, untick Only show allocated work and click Apply filter.

To view your students' results for a particular task in more detail, click on the task name. In the window that appears, you will be able to see a breakdown of your students' scores. Here, you can also edit the scores by clicking inside the score box, deleting the old score and typing in the new one. Click Save to save changes.

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Yes. You can choose to download the filtered results or download a Markbook, which contains all the results across the whole of MyiMaths for an individual class.

To download filtered results, simply click the Download results button once you have drilled down to the results that you want. You can choose to download the results in the Results Grid format as shown on screen, or in a Markbook format with the students on the left hand side.

To download a full Markbook spreadsheet, go to the All Classes screen of the Results tab, tick the box next to your chosen class and click Download Markbook. You can choose which curriculum view you would like to download.

In order to ensure that you download results for all topics you will need to select Classic MyiMaths in the Curriculum Selector.

Go to the Results tab of the Assessment Manager, click through to the class to which the student belongs, and click the student's name from the top row of the results grid.

The screen that appears will show information on the tasks the student has completed, how many attempts they have had, their score, their rating of the task and a breakdown of their results for individual questions within a task. There is also the option to leave feedback on this screen.

If you are looking for work that a student has completed independently, you can easily identify this as the work will have no start date.

Use the filters within the Results section of the Assessment Manager to view results for Booster Packs. Choose your class, then tick Worksheets within the Type of Task filter, and then select your Booster Pack under the Booster Pack filter.

Click Apply filter.

When you first enter the Results screen, check the filters on the left hand side of the screen to ensure that you are viewing the results you wish to see. 

Results are recorded both for activities that you have set your students, and for work that they have completed by themselves. To view results for all the tasks that your students have completed, make sure to deselect Only show allocated work and click Apply filter

Please be aware that only the Classic MyiMaths curriculum view contains all MyiMaths content, and therefore all of your students' results. Remember to select this option from the drop-down on the left hand side of the screen if you want to view all of your students' results.

To monitor your students' progress, select your class within the Results tab and select Summary in the top left hand corner of the screen. This will provide you with an overview of your students' work, including an average score and progress indicator.

You can use the Curriculum Selector to view progress through the most appropriate filter, and can download the spreadsheet by clicking Download summary.

When you set a new task, you may want to override any results that a student achieved on a previous attempt. To do this, go to the results screen for your class and click on the homework task that you would like to set. Enter "0" into the scores for Q1 and Q2, and click Save. This will effectively reset the results for that task, allowing for a clean slate.

You can also override marks in the Allocation tab. Select your class, click the button in the 'Completed' column and amend the marks.

Using the Curriculum Selector to filter results in the Results tab of the Assessment Manger, allows you to see results for tasks belonging to that curriculum. It does not matter which curriculum view you initially set the work in. The Curriculum Selector just changes how the results are labelled.

If you want to see all of your students' results regardless of curricula then you will need to select Classic MyiMaths from the Curriculum Selector dropdown.

You can send messages to your students within the Results tab of the Assessment Manager

To send a message to a class, select your class and click Message students. Use the window that appears to select the students you wish to view the message, write your message and send.

To send a message to an individual student, select the student’s name from the top row of the class results screen to go to the student’s results page. Click Message student, write your message and send.