Kerboodle Support Vocab Express


  1. Find the Vocab Express folder in the course structure of your language course, and click on the folder title. The resources will become available to you in the main list.
  2. Click on the TEACHER ONLY link to go straight through to Vocab Express. If this is the first time you have used this link from Kerboodle, a new account in Vocab Express will be created for you.
  3. From here, you can create student users and groups, and assign work.

Important notes:

  • Students cannot use the same link. You need to upload their details to create their accounts, using the simple import facilities at Vocab Express.
  • Your teacher password for Kerboodle is not passed over to Vocab Express. This means you cannot use your Kerboodle login to access Vocab Express directly.


  1. Go to Vocab Express
  2. Enter the login details given to you by your teacher.
  3. Start practising your vocabulary!

Renewing your subscription

When you renew Vocab Express, you will need to log in to Kerboodle and click through to Vocab Express in the normal way for each of your Vocab Express upgrades.

Please note, if you have renewed your subscription to Vocab Express but not to the Kerboodle course, you will still be able to access Vocab Express via Kerboodle.

Need more help?

For help in using the links in Kerboodle, follow this link to Contact Us.

For help with using Vocab Express, including creating student accounts in Vocab Express, please contact the Vocab Express support team