Kerboodle Support Assessment FAQs

You can assign test material to your students within the Assessment module. You can assign the following to your students:

To assign work:

  • Select a course and click on the Assessment tab.
  • Content that you can assign students has the type Test. You can assign materials with the type Support alongside Test materials.
  • Select the content you wish to assign to students by ticking the checkboxes to the right of the resource title.
  • The Assign button will now become active. Click Assign.
  • In the Assign window, you can edit the title, give instructions to your students and set the start and end dates.
  • To add additional materials from the Resources module to the assignment, click Add Resources in the Support Material section. Select the resources and click Add.
  • Select the group(s) you would like to complete the work.
  • Click the Student tab if you wish to select individuals from the groups.
  • Click Assign.

You can add or remove individual students using the student tab in the assignment window when setting a task.

If this is a group you wish to assign to regularly, you may like to create a new Teaching Group in the User Management module. View the User Management support area for more information.

To give an extension, find the assignment you have made in the Markbook module. Click on the title of the assignment, and then click on the end date and choose a new date from the calendar. Click Save and Close to update.

To add your own resources, click on Upload at the top left of your screen in the Assessment module. Browse to find the file on your computer or network. Choose a folder in which to place your item, or create a new folder.

You can find your own content by clicking on the My Assignment Content filter.

If you want to make any changes, select the item using the tickbox, and click Preview above the list of content. Change the item’s information in the Preview pane.

Please note: you cannot add items that are over 5MB in size.

You can load files with the following extensions to Kerboodle: