Kerboodle Support Student

To access Kerboodle, you should have received your login details from your teacher or Kerboodle Administrator. Your login details will consist of a username, password and an institution code. By default, your password will be the same as your username. You will be prompted to change this when you first log in.

Once you have your login details, you will be able to access all of the courses to which your school subscribes.

movie-icon.svg  For more information, view our video walkthrough.

Every course is made up of different sections. Your course may contain all or just some of them.

Within the Lessons, Resources and Practice sections you can use the content and complete tests and activities. Your work will not be saved, and any marks will not go into your Markbook.

Use the folder structure on the left hand side to find the content you are looking for. Alternatively, you can use the Search bar at the top of your screen.

In the Assessment or Homework section you will only see content that your teacher has sent to you. You need to complete this work and hand it in.

Use the Markbook section to view your marks.

In your Assessment or Homework section, you will only see work your teacher has sent to you. Use the filters in the top left of your screen to help you find your work.

Click on the title of the assignment you want to look at. A window will appear containing information on your assignment. The work you need to do will be in the top right corner of this window, under the title Test Material. Click on the work to open it. Look out for any special instructions from your teacher, which will be displayed under Assignment Info.

If it is an interactive piece of work you need to complete it on-screen. You must click on Submit at the end of your work to make sure your work is marked.

If the assignment is not interactive, something like a Word file, PDF or PowerPoint will open. You need to follow the instructions and complete your work in a suitable way.

You can choose to upload the work online, or you may be able to give it in by hand.

If the work is interactive, it will automatically be handed in and marked.

Otherwise, you can upload your piece of work, or give it in by hand. Your teacher may have left particular instructions, so look out for them.

To submit your work online, you need to be in your Assessment or Homework section of the right course. Click on the title of the work, which will open the assignment window. To the bottom left is a box called Your Work, where you can find an Upload button. Click on this button, then choose and open your file. It should now be listed under Your Work.

You now have two options:

  • Save and Close will save your work, but it will not send it to your teacher. If you choose this option, you must go back at some point and click Submit, or you will miss your deadline.
  • Submit will save your work and send it to your teacher. You cannot make any changes to it after this point.

Enter the Markbook section of your course to view your marks. Use the filters on the left hand side to find your work. Alternatively, you can use the Search bar.

This is an explanation of each of the buttons, from left to right, along the Digital Book toolbar.

Previous and Next - these will move you page by page through the book.


Resources - this gives quick access to any additional resources that relate to this Digital Book.


Notes - a place to write and save personal notes.


Bookmarks - use this tool to create a quick link to particular pages.


Whiteboard Tools - make use of a pen, highlighter, sticky notes and a spotlight tool. Save, and hide or reveal your annotations.


Full screen - click on this to go into full screen view of the digital book. Use ESC to exit this view.


Single page/Double page view - click on either of these to display just a single page at a time, or to display a spread at a time.


Zoom in/Zoom out - click the plus to zoom in, the minus to zoom out. Once zoomed in, click on the book page and drag to reposition.


Hand tool - Click on this to move around the page when you are zoomed in.


Reset view - Click on this button to reset to the default view.


Magnify tool - Click on this tool to zoom in on a specific area of the page. Click and drag a square around the section you want to zoom in on.


Table of Contents - clicking on a link within the table of contents will jump you to that point in the book.


Go to Page - enter a number and hit return (or equivalent button) on your keyboard to jump to any page in the book.


If your teacher has given you a code, this means that they want you to join a teaching group on Kerboodle.

A teaching group is a group of students within individual courses on Kerboodle. For example, if you are a GCSE Science student, your science teacher may have set up a teaching group for your whole science class in the GCSE Science course on Kerboodle. This means that your teacher can keep all of your work and marks together in one place.

To join a teaching group with a code, login to Kerboodle and find the correct course on your Kerboodle home screen. Once you are in the course, click the button marked Join teaching group. Enter your code and click Join. You will now be a member of the teaching group.

If you have an email address associated to your account, you can request a password reset email. On the Kerboodle homepage, click Trouble logging in? Enter your email address and click Reset password. Providing we have your email address on our records, you will receive an email which contains a password reset link.

If you do not have an email address associated to your account, you will need to speak to one of your teachers. Only they can reset your password for you.