Kerboodle Support Administrator FAQs

The Administrator is the only person who can create student users on Kerboodle. Each institution can only have one Administrator, so we recommend that you nominate the person responsible for managing student data.

To see whether or not you have an Administrator, check the top of your Kerboodle home screen when you log in. If your school does not have an Administrator, you will find instructions here on how to invite one. You can also find instructions in our Teacher FAQs.

If your school does have an Administrator, their name and contact details will be displayed on your home screen.

Log in to your Administrator account and click on your name at the top of the screen. Change the details in the pop up that appears and click Save.

Go to the School Users tab and click on the New Users drop down menu. Here you can create Teachers and Students. Select Teacher, fill in their details and add them to the required course.

Each new Teacher account requires a unique email address. When you create a teacher account, an email will be sent to their registered address, prompting them to activate their account.

Only the Administrator can create students users. We recommend that you import all your student users by importing a CSV file.

walkthroughs-icon.svg For instructions, view our walkthrough.

Please note, we updated the csv template at the end of August with an additional column for student usernames. You can download the most up to date template from the platform as per the instructions in the walkthrough above.

Alternatively, you can create individual students. Go to the School Users tab and click on the New Users drop down button. Here you can create teachers and students. Select Student, fill in their details and add them to the required group.

Year groups will either need to be created or imported during the CSV import process before student users can be individually created.

By default, a student's password will be the same as their username. They will be prompted to change this when they first log in.

If a student has an email address associated with their Kerboodle account, they will be able to reset their own password by clicking Trouble logging in? on the login screen.

If a student does not have an email address associated with their account, you will need to reset their password for them. Simply log in to your Administrator account, tick the boxes next to the students whose passwords you wish to reset, click More and then Reset passwords. This will reset their passwords to be the same as their username.

To move students up a year, you will first need to archive any students who have left the school. Once you have done this, you can rename the remaining year groups. For example, Year 12 will become Year 13. When you have renamed the current year groups, you can import your new Year 7 students.

walkthroughs-icon.svg For instructions, view our walkthrough.

Yes. Both Teacher and Students users can be archived. Archived users can no longer log in to the platform, but all of their annotations, content (teachers only) and marks (students only) can still be accessed.

To archive a user, tick the box to the left of the user's name, click the More button and then select Archive. A message will appear asking you to confirm that you want to archive the user. Select OK. The user will be moved into the Archived Users filter on the left hand side of your screen.

Multiple users can be archived at the same time.

walkthroughs-icon.svg For instructions, view our walkthrough.

When a CSV fails the Kerboodle administrator will receive an email detailing what the issues are.  Here are a list of the most common CSV errors

Line: 1

The column headings in your CSV need to match those in the CSV template provided. Download the CSV template by clicking the CSV button below the search bar. Enter your student information into this spreadsheet, starting from line 2, and do not delete, amend or add to the existing column headings.

Not a CSV

The file you imported is not a valid CSV file. Kerboodle only accepts files which end in .csv when importing students. Spreadsheet formats such as .xls, .xlsx, .ods, or .txt cannot be accepted.

To change the format of your spreadsheet to .csv, click on Save as in your spreadsheet software and select CSV. Click Yes if you see a message warning that the file may contain features that are not compatible with CSV. This file can now be imported into Kerboodle.

Admission number has already been taken

Here is an example of this error.

ยท         Line:15

Admission number has already been taken

An admission number is a unique number for each student. If a student has the same number either on the CSV file or within your Kerboodle account then you will receive this error message.

Match the line number suggested in the email to the line number in the CSV file you uploaded. Copy the admission and search to see if the admission number has been duplicated within the CSV file. If no duplicates are found within the file then copy the admission number and search for it on the Kerboodle platform. Log in to the administrator account and place the admission number into the search box. If a match is found then either edit the duplicated student number on the Kerboodle or within the CSV file.

walkthroughs-icon.svg For instructions, view our walkthrough.