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KS3 History by Aaron Wilkes: Terrorism: The Rise of Terror Tactics in the Modern World student book

Aaron Wilkes

Suitable for:  Teachers and students of KS3 History

Price:  £14.99

ISBN: 978-1850085522
Publication date: 28/06/2010
Paperback: 64 pages

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Our range of Depth Studies can be used alongside KS3 by Aaron Wilkes Second or Third Editions, to delve deeper into topics of particular interest.


  • The main text combines enquiries with factual narrative, all written in an approachable and understandable style, including: relevant and fascinating facts
  • interesting and motivating activities
  • specific sections to extend or reinforce learning Content has been thoroughly researched and revised to deliver exactly what you need.

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  • I am impressed with this book as it deals with a very sensitive topic in a very mature way (especially as this is aimed at younger students). I did part of this book with a Year 8 class and they were very mature and engrossed by the topics studied (especially the History of Terrorism). I am also impressed with the section on the various different types of terrorism that have occurred as many students have the usual stereotypical views of terrorism. If used correctly, this is a very good book to teach pupils about such a topic. My students were able to understand that terrorism takes many different forms and that it is incorrect to simply tar certain groups with the same brush. - Amazon Review
  • I'm working on new courses for the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland and this has been a big help. It is well presented with key ideas, concept and vocabulary well explained and a good selection of illustrations and sources. It works effectively in integrated Social Subjects units and feeds in very well with history units on the British Empire, slavery, race relations and the Crusades - the book in this series on the Empire is also very good. My colleagues and I have enjoyed looking through it and found it interesting but it is very well pitched for the target age group. If it can keep the attention of teenagers and adults it must be doing something right! - Amazon review
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Table of Contents

What is history?
Introduction: What is terrorism?
Big Question: What is the history of terrorism?
Big question: What are the different types of terrorism?
Depth Study: Terrorism in Ireland and Britain
Big Question: How is terrorism organized?

Big Question: How do terrorists attack?
Big Question: Why do people become terrorists?
Depth Study: Terror in the Middle East
Big Question: 'Terrorist' or 'freedom fighter'?
Big Question: How is terror tackled?
Depth Study: Al-Qaeda
Big Question: Does terrorism work?