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KS3 History by Aaron Wilkes: Renaissance, Revolution & Reformation Student Book (1485-1750)

Aaron Wilkes and James Ball

Suitable for:  Teachers and students of KS3 History

Price:  £17.99

ISBN: 978-1850083450
Publication date: 22/05/2008
Paperback: 144 pages

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This gripping and intriguing Student Book combines an enquiry-led approach with factual narrative. Written by experienced Head of History, Aaron Wilkes in an approachable and understandable style, including: relevant and fascinating facts, interesting and motivating activities, and specific sections to extend or reinforce learning.

Content has been thoroughly researched and revised in this popular 2nd edition.


  • Timelines in every section help improve students' understanding of chronology
  • An overview section explaining how the book tackles key concepts and processes
  • Tasks and activities highlighting teamwork, enquiry and independent learning skills
  • Themes which explore ideas of tolerance, rule making, justice and Britain's place in the wider world
  • Specific attention given to supporting and improving students' literacy levels
  • Teaching support giving guidance, advice and assistance with departmental planning, homework, writing exercises and support for higher/lower achieving students
  • Customizable digital resources are available to match each Student Book in the series

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  • "...the cartoon illustrations and the 'stop to think, relate this to yourself' type questions are very engaging, especially for the younger user...The overall layout and use of primary information sources is very effective, as are the 'work' sections. The book is an easy read with mission objectives clearly set out, sections which reinforce the key words and information, it also shows the gory stuff too, children love that. I liked the fact that analytical skills are greatly encouraged throughout, I learned one or two things along the way too, the information is presented in a colourful, exciting, easy to imagine yourself there, manner." - TES Review Bank
  • "This is a fabulous, child-friendly history book. It is my 11-yr old's school history text book and she loves it so much that I bought her a copy of her own and intend to build up the range for her. The facts are all in there but presented in a fun, light-hearted manner with great diagrams - the gruesome after-effects of the beauty treatm"
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Table of Contents

What is History
Here come the Tudors!
Historical Enquiry How religious were the Tudor monarchs?
A world of discovery
Have you been learning? 1
Historical Enquiry Could you get justice in Tudor England?
Life in Tudor England
Historical Enquiry England Abroad
Queen Elizabeth 1

Exit the Tudors - enter the Stuarts!
Historical Enquiry England at War
Historical Enquiry How tolerant were Cromwell's Commonwealth
Life in Restoration England
Have you been learning? 2
The appliance of science
Historical Enquiry Who rules?
What was Britain like by 1750?
Have you been learning? 3