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Understanding Philosophy of Religion: OCR Student Book

Libby Ahluwalia

Suitable for:  Teachers and students of A level Religious Education

Price:  £29.99

ISBN: 978-1850082767
Publication date: 01/06/2008
Paperback: 320 pages

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An endorsed Philosophy of Religion resource for the AS and A2 OCR Religious Studies qualification. For use with the 2008 OCR A Level Religious Studies specification.

Written by Libby Ahluwalia, using an approach that stretches the most able while also offering plenty of accessible support for those who need more help.

The accompanying Teacher Support Book contains discussion ideas, worksheets, revision tests and games, as well as exam-style questions and mark schemes.


  • Endorsed by OCR, for use with the OCR AS/A Level GCE Religious Studies specification
  • Summaries of the important aspects of topics that students must understand
  • Key points challenge acquisition of knowledge
  • Key terms identified and defined in full
  • Full colour design to aid accessibility

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  • Ahluwalia's book is thoroughly and rigorously comprehensive. - Amazon teacher review
  • Ahluwalia writes with such clarity that makes topics easy to understand. - Amazon student review
  • To put it bluntly, this is definitely a book I would recommend to my students. I found the chapters to be accurate and comprehendible. Whilst I'm a fan of other text books, I found this to be the best available because it explained concepts in an easily understandable way. I've found most of the other text books out there to be particularly incomprehensible (even though I've studied the topics at a higher level!) so it was a lovely surprise to open this book and see that it was actually targeted to A-level students. - Amazon teacher review
  • This textbook is honestly the most useful resource in learning philosophy A Level that I have come across. It explains each idea in great detail while also providing succinct summaries. It completely covers the syllabus while also going beyond the syllabus to give a rounded knowledge. I fully recommend it to anyone studying the A Level or to anyone hoping to learn about philosophy. - Amazon review
  • I am really happy with the book and I find it thorough, comprehensive and easy to understand. - Amazon student review
  • I was so pleased that finally an A Level RS book managed to give the main points simply and then expand with extra detail rather than take pages and pages explaining something in a stupidly complex way! - Amazon student review
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Table of Contents

Chapters Included:
Introduction: What is philosophy of religion?
Ancient Greek influences on Christian philosophy of religion
Judaeo-Christian influences on philosophy of religion
The goodness and love of God
Traditional arguments for the existence of God
Inductive and deductive arguments
A priori and a posteriori arguments
Can God's existence be demonstrated through argument?
Ontological arguments
Cosmological arguments
Teleological arguments
Moral arguments

The problem of evil
Jewish responses to evil and suffering
Beliefs about evil and suffering in Islam
Hindu and Buddist approaches to evil and suffering
Christian approaches to evil and suffering
Religion and science
Religious language
Religious experience
Revelation through sacred texts
Philosophical debates about miracles
The attributes of God
Life after death