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Understanding Philosophy of Religion: Edexcel Text Book

Libby Ahluwalia

Suitable for:  Teachers and students of A level Religious Education

Price:  £29.99

ISBN: 978-1850082644
Publication date: 01/06/2008
Paperback: 320 pages

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Encourages students to think philosophically and develop their own lines of argument. A comprehensive Teacher's support book is also available. For use with the 2008 Edexcel specification.


  • Clear objectives for each unit
  • Summaries of the important aspects of topics that students must understand
  • Key points challenge acquisition of knowledge
  • Key terms identified and defined in full
  • Full colour design to aid accessibility

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Table of Contents

Chapters Included:
Unit 1: Foundations
Introduction: What is philosophy of religion?
Is it appropriate to discuss whether God 'exists'?
Design arguments
Cosmological arguments
The problem of evil
Philosophical debates about miracles
Unit 2: Investigations
Religious experience
Mind and body

Religion and science
The nature of God
Unit 3: Developments
Ontological arguments
Arguments from religious experience
Atheism and critiques of religious belief
Life after death
Religious language
Unit 4: Implications
A.J. Ayer
Peter Donovan
Merold Westphal