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Biology for CSEC®

Karen Morrison, Peta-Gay Kirby, and Lucy Madhosingh

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ISBN: 978-1408525081
Publication date: 20/03/2014
Pack: 320 pages
Dimensions: 276x219mm

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Newly revised in line with the latest syllabus and with a modernised, student-friendly design, including a truly interactive CD which provides additional practice for students and brings lab work to life with exciting activities and simulations.


  • Revised to be completely in-line with the latest CSEC syllabus Accompanying interactive CD-ROM Clear student-friendly design Full-colour

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Table of Contents

Section A A Living organisms in the environment
1: Grouping living organism
2: Living organisms and their environment
3: Energy flows and cycles
4: Natural resources
5: Human activities and their impact on the environment
6: Population growth
Section B Life processes and disease
7: Cell biology
8: Plant nutrition
9: Life chemicals and nutrition
10: Human digestion
11: Respiration
12: Gaseous exchange
13: Transport and circulation

14: Transport and water relations in plants
15: Food storage
16: Excretion and osmoregulation
17: Support, movement and locomotion
18: Stimulus and response
19: Coordination and response
20: Homeostasis and control
21: Growth and development
22: Reproduction in plants
23: Human reproduction
24: Understanding disease
Section C Continuity and variation
25: Cell division
26: Continuity and inheritance
27: Variation and change
28: Technology and genetics