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Essential Biology for Cambridge Lower Secondary Stage 9 Workbook

Help all students succeed with clear explanations

Ann Fullick, Richard Fosbery, and Lawrie Ryan

Suitable for:  Cambridge Lower Secondary learners, aged 11-13

Price:  £6.50

ISBN: 978-1408520710
Publication date: 25/05/2013
Spiralbound paperback: 32 pages
Dimensions: 265x195mm

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Fully matched to the Cambridge Lower Secondary syllabus and written by an experienced author team, this engaging Workbook provides essential practice opportunities for Stage 9, and a seamless link to Cambridge IGCSE, maximising learners' potential.


  • Reinforce all Cambridge Lower Secondary learning objectives with exercises devised to support the curriculum framework and linked to the Student Book
  • Engage all learners with clear diagrams, graphs and tables
  • Track progress and offer personalized support with space for students' responses and 'Teacher feedback'

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Photosynthesis and plant growth
1: Testing a leaf for starch
2: Measuring water loss from plants
3: What effect do light and temperature have?
4: What do plants need to grow?
5: Looking at the effects of fertilisers
Chapter 2: Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
1: The structure of a flowering plant
2: Plant life cycles
3: Seed dispersal

Chapter 3: Ecology
1: Molluscs and more molluscs
2: Moose, wolves and woodlands
3: Pyramids of biomass
4: What makes you what you are?
5: Selection for the future
6: Natural selection and evolution
Chapter 4: Population growth and human influences
1: Factors affecting populations
2: The spread of populations
3: The human population explosion