Chemistry CAPE Unit 1 A CXC Study Guide

Roger Norris, Caribbean Examinations Council, Jennifer Murray, Leroy Barrett, and Annette Maynard Alleyne

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ISBN: 978-1408516683
Publication date: 07/02/2012
Pack: 192 pages
Dimensions: 265x195mm

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These Study Guides have been developed exclusively with the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC®) to be used as an additional resource by candidates who are following the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC®) programme. They provide candidates with extra support to help them maximise their performance in their examinations.


  • Features include:
  • Introduction and Objectives setting out the key concepts to be covered in each chapter
  • Examination tips with essential advice on succeeding in your assessments
  • Did you know? boxes to expand your knowledge and encourage further study
  • The key terms you need to know supplemented by a comprehensive glossary
  • Engaging activities to transfer theory into practice
  • Activities with feedback to provide plenty of practice and help build understanding and application of concepts
  • Up to date case studies to give syllabus content real-life context
  • Examples to illustrate learning points
  • End tests with feedback to help evaluate progress.
  • Examination style practice questions to build confidence ahead of your examinations

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Table of Contents

Module 1
1: Atomic structure
2: Structure and bonding
3: The mole concept
4: Redox reactions
5: Kinetic theory
6: Energetics
Module 2

7: Rates of reaction
8: Chemical equilibria
9: Acid-base equilibria
10: Electrode potentials and equilibrium
Module 3
11: The elements of Period 3
12: The chemistry of Groups II, IV and VII
13: Transition elements
14: Qualitative tests for ions