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Essential Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE Core

Clear, focused and comprehensive

June Haighton, Andrew Manning, Paul Metcalf, Ginettte Carole McManus, and Margaret Thornton

Suitable for:  Cambridge IGCSE learners, aged 14-16

Price:  £21.50

ISBN: 978-1408516508
Publication date: 06/06/2012
Paperback: 384 pages
Dimensions: 265x195mm

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Comprehensively matched to the Cambridge Mathematics syllabus at Core Level, this engaging and accessible Student Book focuses on the key concepts, guiding learners through the IGCSE course and building confidence for assessment.


  • Map topics to the latest Cambridge syllabus with clear, frequent learning outcomes
  • Build knowledge and skills with detailed explanations, worked examples and helpful Study Tips
  • Test and consolidate understanding with plenty of practice opportunities, including end-of-topic and end-of-section questions
  • Prepare for assessment with guidance on the ways in which different topics might be combined in exams

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Table of Contents

1: Basic number
2: Basic algebra
3: Mensuration: perimeter and area
4: Mensuration: volume and surface area
5: Numbers and sequences
6: Directed numbers
7: Time and money
8: Decimals, fractions and percentages
9: Algebra
10: Transformations 1
11: Indices and standard form
12: Statistical diagrams
13: Symmetry
14: Geometry
15: Percentages

16: Transformations2
17: Probability
18: Measures
19: Ratio and proportion
20: Real-life graphs
21: Personal finance
22: Estimation and accuracy
23: Constructions
24: Loci
25: Statistical measures
26: Straight line graphs
27: Angle properties
28: Equations and formulae
29: Graphs of functions
30: Trigonometry
31: Vectors