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STP Mathematics for Jamaica Grade 8

Sue Chandler and Ewart Smith

Price:  £17.50

ISBN: 978-1408509135
Publication date: 03/02/2011
Paperback: 432 pages
Dimensions: 265x195mm

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STP Mathematics for Jamaica is an, up-to-date, Mathematics course created by the STP Mathematics author team and Jamaican experts in Mathematics education and tailored to the needs of Lower Secondary students of Jamaica.


  • Key features - Clear learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter. - Facts about mathematics that enhance learning and bring the subject to life - Worked examples and that clearly show the ways to approach problems and help students with difficult concepts and common pitfalls. - Plenty of practice exercises that are differentiated that help students to refine their skills and monitor their progress. - Puzzles and investigations throughout that help students to apply mathematical techniques to solve problems. - End of chapter summaries that identify the key points of each chapter - Review tests that help students to recall topics

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Table of Contents

1: Directed numbers
2: Working with numbers
3: Nimber patterns
4: Triangles and angles
5: Parallel lines and angles
6: Algebra
7: Probability
8: Percentage increase and decrease
9: Consumer arithmetic
10: Transformations
11: Circles: circumference and area

12: Polygons
13: Relations
14: Similar figures
15: Area and volume
16: Squares and square roots
17: Travel graphs
18: Practical applications of graphs
19: Coordinates and the straight line
20: Inequalities
21: Statistics
22: Sets
23: Number bases