Oxford Revise: AQA A Level Physics Revision and Exam Practice

3 steps to A Level success

Author Helen Reynolds, Author Alom Shaha, Author Catherine Jones, and Author Carol Davenport

Suitable for:  Students studying for AQA A Level Physics (usually aged 16-19 years)

Price:  £20.00

ISBN: 978-1382008600
Publication date: 17/12/2020

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Based on principles of cognitive science, this three-step approach to effective study combines knowledge, retrieval, and extensive exam-style practice to help students master essential knowledge and skills for A Level success.

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  • Everything students need to study effectively and prepare fully for their exams, in one convenient book
  • Ideal for use at home or in the classroom, throughout the school year and in the lead-up to exams
  • Matched to the AQA A Level Physics specification
  • Visually appealing Knowledge Organisers summarise course content and show how ideas link together within a topic
  • Retrieval questions and answers help students to commit important facts to long-term memory
  • Extensive exam-style-question practice, with hints and tips for revision and exams
  • Support and worked examples for maths skills and required practical skills
  • Practice and guidance for synoptic, extended response, and analysis and evaluation questions
  • Each paperback purchased includes free access to an ebook version of the title. Details on how to access it are printed inside the book
  • Answers will be available to download from www.oxfordrevise.com/scienceanswers

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  • Absolute game changer! - Science teacher on the Oxford Revise: AQA GCSE Sciences, Twitter
  • These are amazing! - Science teacher on the Oxford Revise: AQA GCSE Sciences, Twitter
  • These really are a step-change in revision guide design - Science teacher on the Oxford Revise: AQA GCSE Sciences, Twitter
  • Managed to jump up 4 grades from this book. Totally recommend it. Life saver with plenty of exam questions and materials inside. - 5-star Amazon review for Oxford Revise: AQA GCSE Combined Science Higher Revision and Exam Practice
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Table of Contents

Chapter1: Measurements and errors
Chapter2: Particles and radiation
Chapter3: Properties of particles
Chapter4: Progressive and stationary waves
Chapter5: Reflection, diffraction, and interference
Chapter6: Force, energy, and momentum 1
Chapter7: Force, energy, and momentum 2
Chapter8: Materials
Chapter9: Current electricity
Chapter10: Circuits
Chapter11: Circular motion
Chapter12: Simple harmonic motion
Chapter13: Thermal physics
Chapter14: Gravitational fields
Chapter15: Electric fields
Chapter16: Capacitance

Chapter17: Magnetic fields
Chapter18: Electromagnetic induction
Chapter19: Radioactivity
Chapter20: Nuclear energy
Chapter21: Telescopes
Chapter22: Stars and cosmology
Chapter23: Physics of the eye and ear
Chapter24: Medical imaging
Chapter25: Rotational dynamics
Chapter26: Thermodynamics and engines
Chapter27: The discovery of the electron
Chapter28: Wave-particle duality and special relativity
Chapter29: Discrete semiconductor devices
Chapter30: Analogue and digital signals
Required practicals and unifying concepts
Multiple-choice questions
Data booklet