Oxford Revise: AQA GCSE Biology Revision and Exam Practice

Impactful AQA GCSE Biology revision in three simple steps

Series Editor Primrose Kitten, Author Jo Locke, and Author Jessica Walmsley

Suitable for:  Students studying AStudents studying AQA GCSE Biology (normally aged 14-16 years)

Price:  £8.00

ISBN: 978-1382004848
Publication date: 09/01/2020
Dimensions: 297x210mm

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Up-to-date research into successful revision strategies has been used to create this AQA GCSE Biology guide. Each topic is covered following the three simple steps of knowledge, retrieval and then plenty of practice. Students have everything they need in one book to prepare and be confident as they approach their exams.


  • Everything students need to study effectively and prepare fully for their exams, in one convenient book.
  • Ideal for use at home or in the classroom, throughout the school year and in the lead-up to exams.
  • Matched to the 9-1 AQA GCSE Biology 9-1 specification.
  • Course content is presented in easy-to-use, visually appealing Knowledge Organisers with clear links and connections to aid understanding.
  • Check that knowledge is secure using retrieval and interleaved questions and answers as a powerful tool for improving long-term retention.
  • Extensive differentiated exam-style-question practice, with hints and tips from revision expert Primrose Kitten.
  • Support and worked examples for maths skills and Required Practical skills.
  • Answers are available to download from www.oxfordrevise.com/scienceanswers
  • *UK schools pay just 50% of the RRP! Discount will be automatically applied when you order on your school account.

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  • Top quality Biology Revision Guide This is an excellent A4 sized paperback revision book written for the AQA Biology Higher GCSE exam (best to check that the student is working towards this exam as all are a little different). The book includes loads of exam type questions which are really helpful. This book will suit a student who plans their revision well. I have worked in a scientific laboratory and this book opens the study of biology in a clear way ( plant life is described well). The revision booked is based on a three step revision plan 1. 'knowledge' an overview the requirements 2. 'retrieval' quick-fire questions and answers so Students can check out their knowledge 3. ‘Practice’ pages of exam-style questions. And answers are online. An excellent revision guide. - Amazon review
  • Brilliant Biology textbook This is so much more than a revision guide. If you're looking for some simple last minute revision then this isn't going to help as this book is dedicated to those who revise throughout the course and regularly revisit forgotten stuff. In depth full coverage of the Higher AQA Biology specification. Excellent illustrations. Great questions and sample answers. Ideal for students and teachers. Highly recommended. - Amazon review
  • Fantastic. Clearly structured and provides enough detail for the student to remember, without being over-simplistic. It is designed in a way it can be broken down into more manageable sections/sessions and a realistic study timetable can be scheduled and achieved. - Amazon review
  • Well-designed and practical revision guide This is a well-designed and presented biology revision guide. The book covers twenty topics and each chapter is set out in the same way. There are two pages titled 'knowledge' and this is essentially a brief overview of the topic, there are then two pages titled 'retrieval' which contains quick-fire questions and answers so you can test your knowledge and finally there are several pages of exam-style questions. You will need to go online to find the answers to these questions. There are plenty of exam tips also scattered throughout the book. This book uses text boxes and colour to help organise the topics and made it easier to review. There are also plenty of diagrams and illustrations. I have used Oxford revision guides with the teens I work for and have always found them fantastic and these guides are just as good. - Amazon review
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Table of Contents

ChapterB1: Cell biology
ChapterB2: Cell transport
ChapterB3: Cell division
ChapterB4: Organisation in animals
ChapterB5: Enzymes
ChapterB6: Organisation in plants
ChapterB7: The spread of diseases
ChapterB8: Preventing and treating disease
ChapterB9: Monoclonal antibodies
ChapterB10: Non-communicable diseases

ChapterB11: Photosynthesis
ChapterB12: Respiration
ChapterB13: Nervous system & homeostasis
ChapterB14: Hormonal coordination
ChapterB15: Variation
ChapterB16: Reproduction
ChapterB17: Evolution
ChapterB18: Adaptation
ChapterB19: Organising an ecosystem
ChapterB20: Humans and biodiversity