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Teachers vs Tech?: The case for an ed tech revolution

Daisy Christodoulou's rallying-call for an ed tech revolution in schools

Author Daisy Christodoulou

Suitable for:  All teachers - including classroom teachers, subject coordinators, heads of department and headteachers - who are interested in research-informed analysis of education trends. Anyone interested in the role that digital has to play in education, and what the future of the education technology landscape might look like.

Price:  £17.99

ISBN: 978-1382004121
Publication date: 05/03/2020
Paperback: 232 pages
Dimensions: 185x129mm

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Daisy Christodoulou is a leading educational commentator with many years' experience of working with schools as well as in the classroom. In this new book, she tackles the ed tech debate, asking why it hasn't yet had the transformative impact on education that has long been promised, and evidencing the benefits it could still bring to schools.


  • Research-informed analysis of the ed tech landscape by a leading figure in the education community
  • Asks what hasn't worked so far in ed tech, and what the future might hold
  • Explores a wide range of topics, from how we learn and assessment, to devices and personalisation
  • Questions what an increased reliance on ed tech means for the role of the teacher
  • Draws on international examples of big-brand teaching programs and small start-ups
  • Outlines a positive vision for the future, with teachers central to future ed tech development
  • From the author of Making Good Progress? and Seven Myths About Education

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  • Daisy is such a good thinker, it's always a joy to read her ideas! A fascinating blend of research and insight that makes you think, re-think and think some more. - Laura McInerney, Guardian Education columnist and co-founder of Teacher Tapp
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Paul Kirschner
1: The science of learning
2: How can we use technology to personalize learning?
3: Why can't we just look it up?
4: How can we use technology to make learning active?

5: How should we use smart devices?
6: The expertise of teaching: can technology help?
7: The expertise of assessment: can technology help?
Conclusion: Disrupting education