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Complete Economics for Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level Revision Guide

Consolidate understanding of complex economic concepts

Authors: Brian Titley and Helen Carrier

Suitable for:  Cambridge IGCSE & O Level learners, aged 14-16

Price:  £19.99

ISBN: 978-0-19-915486-9
Publication date: 22/10/2009
Paperback: 176 pages
Dimensions: 297x210mm

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Consolidate understanding and build assessment confidence. Part of the bestselling Complete Economics for Cambridge IGCSE & O Level series, this Revision Guide uses a clear, visual approach to cement understanding of complex economic concepts. This edition is fully aligned to the Cambridge syllabus for final examination in 2019.


  • Consolidate understanding with a clear, visual approach and accessible language
  • Build confidence and check progress with exam-style questions and practice tests
  • Cover the entirety of the Cambridge course with frequent revision summaries and links to the syllabus
  • Support EAL learners with vocabulary-based exercises
  • A new edition for the latest Cambridge syllabus, for examination from 2020, will be available in 2018.

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Table of Contents

How to use this book
Unit 1: The basic economic problem
1.1: Factors of Production
1.2: Scarcity and Opportunity Cost
Unit 2: The allocation of resources
2.1: Economic Systems
2.2: How Markets Work
2.3: Social Costs and Benefits
Unit 3: The individual as producer, consumer and borrower
3.1: Money and Finance
3.2: Occupations and Earnings
3.3: The Role of Trade Unions
3.4: Spending, Saving and Borrowing
Exam Guidance and Practice 1
Unit 4: The private firm as producer and employer
4.1: Types of Business Organization
4.2: Organizing Production

4.3: The Growth of Firms
4.4: Competition
Unit 5: Role of government in an economy
5.1: Government Economic Policy
5.2: Types of Taxation
Unit 6: Economic indicators
6.1: Price Inflation
6.2: Employment and Unemployment
6.3: Output and Growth
Exam Guidance and Practice 2
Unit 7: Developed and developing economics
7.1: Developed and Less Developed Economies
7.2: Population
Unit 8: International aspects
8.1: International Specialization and Trade
8.2: Balancing International Payments
Exam Guidance and Practice 3