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Complete Geography for Cambridge IGCSE® Revision Guide

Comprehensive Revision Guide for IGCSE Geography

Muriel Fretwell and David Kelly

Suitable for:  Cambridge IGCSE learners, aged 14-16

Price:  £17.50

ISBN: 978-0-19-913703-9
Publication date: 25/10/2012
Paperback: 192 pages
Dimensions: 297x210mm

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Designed to solidify comprehension and support progression in exam attainment, this comprehensive Revision Guide consolidates all the examinable material and provides a bank of practice material to build a strong foundation for future achievement. This edition is fully aligned to the Cambridge syllabus for final examination in 2019.


  • Thoroughly cover all examinable material with a resource matched to the Cambridge IGCSE Geography syllabus for final examination in 2019, and written by an experienced examiner
  • Facilitate efficient revision with concise summaries of 'Key Ideas'
  • Support EAL learners with vocabulary exercises, clear definitions and helpful diagrams
  • Build assessment confidence via extensive exam-style practice questions
  • A new edition for the latest Cambridge syllabus, for examination from 2020, will be available in 2018

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  • Clear and to the point. Both my daughters (years 10 and 11) are taking Geography GCSE and this book has really helped them. - 5 Star Parent Review on Amazon
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Table of Contents

1: World population growth
2: Population variations and associated problems
3: The effect of migration and HIV/AIDS
4: Settlement hierarchy and pattern
5: Site, situation and growth of settlements
6: Urban land use
7: Problems of urban areas
8: Urbanisation and the environment
9: Theme 1: Exam-style questions
10: Plate tectonics
11: Volcanoes and earthquakes
12: Weathering
13: River processes (1)
14: River processes (2)
15: Marine erosion
16: Marine transportation and deposition
17: Coral reefs and coastal sand dunes
18: Weather and weather station recording instruments
19: Weather data calculations, graphs and diagrams
20: Clouds and weather hazards
21: Climate of tropical rainforest areas

22: Climate of desert areas
23: The tropical rainforest and tropical desert ecosystems
24: The natural environment and human activities (1)
25: The natural environment and human activities (2)
26: Theme 2: Exam-style questions
27: Agriculture and large-scale commercial farming
28: Small-scale subsistence farming and food shortages
29: Industrial systems
30: Tourism
31: Energy - oil, gas, coal, nuclear and fuel wood
32: Renewable energy and water supply
33: The need for sustainable development, resource conservation and management
34: The impact of pollution on the natural environment
35: Theme 3: Exam-style questions
36: Survey maps (topographic maps)
37: Physical features on survey maps: relief and drainage
38: Photographs, field sketches, data tables and graphs
39: Geographical skills: Exam-style questions
40: Coursework: planning investigations
41: Coursework: data collection
42: Coursework: presentation, analysis and evaluation
43: Coursework skills: Exam-style questions