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Oxford Latin Course: Part III: Student's Book

Maurice Balme and James Morwood

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ISBN: 978-0-19-912228-8
Publication date: 27/03/1997
Paperback: 224 pages

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This second edition of the Oxford Latin Course combines the best features of both modern and traditional methods of Latin teaching from first stages to GCSE. Completely revised and restructured in the light of a nationwide survey of Classics teachers, it provides an exciting, stimulating approach to Latin based on the reading of original texts. Parts I-III are built around a narrative detailing the life of Horace, based closely on historical sources, which helps students to develop an understanding of the times of Cicero and Augustus.

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Table of Contents

1: Quintus Delphos visit
2: Quintus militat
The Roman army - 1
3: Scintilla desperat
The Roman army - 2
4: Philippi
Brutus and Cassius
5: Quintus Athenas fugit
Octavian returns to Italy
6: Quintus Venusiam revisit
The confiscations
7: Quintus amico veteri occurrit
Latin poetry
8: Quintus carmina facit
9: Popeius ad patriam revenit
10: Quintus Maecenati commendatur
11: Quintus iter Brundisium facit
12: Quintus a molesto quodam vexatur
Patrons and clients

13: Quintus rusticus fit
14: Actium
15: Bellum Alexandrinum
16: Caesar Augustus
Caesar Augustus
17: Augustus Quintum in amicitiam suam accipit
Vixi puellis
18: Maecenas poetas fovet
The Roman empire
19: Pax et princeps
Some glimpses of Augustus
20: Quintus rusticus
The town mouse and the country mouse
21: Indomita mors
Appendix 1: Rome's imperial mission
Appendix 2: Continuous indirect speech
Appendix 3: Uses of the indicative and subjunctive
Reference grammar
Latin-English vocabulary
English-Latin vocabulary
Index of grammar