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Oxford Reading Tree: Levels 1-3: Teacher's Guide for Children Learning English (Export Edition)

Providing teachers with a structured approach to using the Oxford Reading Tree with young learners of English

Fionnuala Ni Eigeartaigh

Suitable for:  Teachers teaching children who are learning English within a variety of curricular frameworks, in different parts of the world

Price:  £46.50

ISBN: 978-0-19-845987-3
Publication date: 10/05/2007
Spiral Bound: 216 pages
Dimensions: 297x210mm

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The Oxford Reading Tree can be adapted to the needs of young English learners so that they acquire not only reading skills but also the other skills necessary for effective language learning; listening, speaking, and writing, including spelling and grammar. This flexible guide provides clear and detailed teaching notes, catering for the needs of teachers in a wide range of teaching situations. Photocopy masters save valuable preparation time and include word and picture cards for all 24 stories in this guide. Teaching activities provide for whole class teaching and group work. The worksheets can be adapted to support children learning at different levels in the same class. Photocopiable resources and suggestions for word banks save time in preparing class displays. Clear charts with learning outcomes for each story enable systematic assessment.

Learning outcomes include:
  • Re-enactment of the stories
  • Functional language in the present tense so children can express their needs and talk about themselves
  • Narrative language in the past so children can talk about their experiences
  • Word acquisition that is meaningful and relevant to the children's experience and needs
  • Strategies for reading; sight word recognition, initial sounds, rime and onset, final sounds, segmenting and blending, using pictures and knowledge of the story
  • Writing activities including sentence construction, sentence frames, recount, book making and spelling activities
  • Simple grammar presented in the context of the story language

    Detailed teaching notes for 24 stories from levels 1, 1+, 2 and 3 that include:
  • A Teacher Reading of the story, appropriate for second language learners
  • Role plays for re-enacting the stories
  • Whole class and independent activities at text, sentence and word levels
  • Suggestions for adapting the activity sheets to support children learning at different levels in the same class
  • Phonics level work supporting vocabulary acquisition and built in vocabulary recycling

    Photocopiable sheets including:
  • Word and picture cards for all the stories in this guide
  • Photocopy masters for each story including activity sheets and playing cards
  • Bingo boards for recycling frequent words at each level.

    Teaching resources:
  • A bank of activities with clear instructions, at the levels of Text, Sentence, Word recognition, and Phonics and Vocabulary
    Word and picture cards for teaching the language of instruction, the aim being to support independent working in young learners of English.


    • Fantastic photocopiable pages including word and picture cards, activity sheets and games
  • Age range 0-4
    Level (ORT) Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3
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