AQA A Level Maths: Year 1 / AS Level: Bridging Edition

Complete coverage of AS Level, with transition support from GCSE

Author David Bowles, Author Brian Jefferson, Author Eddie Mullan, Author John Rayneau, Author Mark Rowland, Author Robert Wagner, Author Paul Williams, Author Garry Wiseman, Author Katie Wood, and Series Consultant David Baker

Suitable for:  Key Stage 5 / AS Level / Year 1 of A Level secondary mathematics students in UK schools and colleges, and international schools following the AQA A Level specification

Price:  £30.50

ISBN: 978-0-19-843642-3
Publication date: 14/06/2018
Paperback: 456 pages
Dimensions: 265x195mm

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Approved by AQA, this Student Book offers full support for AS Level Maths and Year 1 of A Level (2017 specification), across pure, mechanics and statistics. Bridging units at the start of Year 1 chapters provide the ideal springboard from GCSE, with extensive examples and exercises throughout. Supports AQA's new 2018 Large data set (car data).


  • This Student Book has been approved by AQA
  • Includes bridging units at the start of each chapter to help solve the age-old challenge of preparing students for the rigours of A Level
  • Provides full coverage of the AS specification, with updated statistics chapters to support AQA's new 2018 Large Data Set (car data)
  • Offers clear progression within every topic, allowing students to check their understanding with a fluency-style exercise before advancing to a dedicated problem-solving exercise
  • Supports the major changes in assessment style for the 2017 specification, with an assessment at the end of each chapter written in the new exam style, and with revision exercises that test synoptically across the syllabus
  • Review pages test students' understanding of each chapter and, depending on performance, provide differentiated suggestions for further study
  • Includes short answers in the back of the book, with full step-by-step solutions available free online
  • Provides links to after every exercise, creating a quick route to further practice and support
  • Also available in the series: AQA A Level Maths Year 2 Student Book, AQA A Level Maths Combined Year 1+2 Student Book, Exam Practice Workbooks, dedicated Mechanics and Statistics resources, and Student Books to support all AQA Further Maths options
  • Available online: wide-ranging assessment and video support on Oxford's widely acclaimed Kerboodle platform.

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