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Oxford International AQA Examinations: International A Level Physics: Print and Online Textbook Pack

The only textbook for OxfordAQA International A Level Physics

Author Jim Breithaupt

Suitable for:  OxfordAQA International AS & A Level Physics (9630) students & teachers

Price:  £51.50 +VAT

ISBN: 978-0-19-841182-6
Publication date: 15/12/2016
Pack: 576 pages

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The only textbook that fully supports the OxfordAQA International AS & A Level Physics specification (9630), for first teaching in September 2016. The enquiry-based, international approach builds advanced science skills, fully preparing students for exam success and the progression to university study.


  • Ensure students fully understand the requirements of the specification with start-of-chapter learning objectives.
  • Prepare students for exam success with exam-style and summary questions.
  • Help students understand the bigger picture with synoptic links that build a solid foundation for university study.
  • Prepare for the written practical paper, with full coverage of the 10 required practicals.
  • Make science meaningful with a focus on how scientists and engineers apply their knowledge in the real world.
  • Strengthen mathematical skills, with Maths skills tips, a dedicated Maths chapter, worked examples and practice questions.
  • Support those students who don't speak English as a first language with clear language, an extensive glossary and highlighted key terms.
  • This pack includes one print textbook and one online textbook.
  • The online textbook can be accessed on a wide range of devices and the licence is valid until 31st December 2026, for use by one student or teacher. Your first login will be sent to you in the mail on a printed access card.

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Table of Contents

Skills for starting AS and A Level Physics
Practical work in physics
Moving on from GCSE
Making careful measurements
Everyday physics instruments
Analysis and evaluation
More about measurements
About practical assessment
Section 1
1: Forces in equilibrium
2: On the move
3: Newton's laws of motion
4: Force and momentum
5: Work, energy, and power
6: Materials
7: Matter and radiation
8: Radioactivity
Section 2
9: Electric current
10: Direct current circuits
11: Oscillations and waves

12: Optics
13: Quantum phenomena
14: More on mathematical skills in Year 1
Section 3
15: Motion in a circle
16: Simple harmonic motion
17: Gravitational fields
18: Electric fields
19: Capacitors
20: Magnetic fields
21: Electromagnetic induction
Section 4
22: Thermal physics
23: Gases
24: Nuclear energy
25: Rotational dynamics
26: Renewable energy
Section 5
27: Mathematical skills at A2 Level
Useful data for A Level Physics
Answers to summary questions